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Melbourne, Australia: The Colonial Tramcar by George Geary

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant:

Going back in time.. We had reservations for the luncheon. You arrive at a train stop with about 50 others. In a few minutes prior to your designated time, you hear a click-ity clack on the tracks and up comes from around the corner 4 restored Victorian train cars in beautiful Burgundy and brass. The inside were plush and the feel of turning back the clock.  You spend about 2 hours on the tramcar drinking anything that a full bar would have (they love you to enjoy the local wines of the region), and hot rolls out of the oven. The two servers introduce themselves and also the chef for your car. While you are riding around the city of Melbourne you can see out to the busy streets but the windows are tinted so nobody can see you.

If you get to the wonderful city of Melbourne make a reservation months in advance like we did as they sell out.  From our ship we were the only two on board. They have dinner and late night seating’s also.

Here is the menu for Lunch Service.


Hummus dip: A smooth blend of chickpea and tahini with a hint of mint, served with crisp lavosh

Roasted Red Capsicum Dip: Fresh roasted capsicum blended with Australian cream cheese and tapenade, served with golden baked water crackers


Duck Terrine: Tender confit duck terrine wrapped in prosciutto, accompanied by a wild berry relish and cornichons.


Smoked Salmon & Avocado: Smoked Tasmanian salmon and avocado mousse, dressed with baby capers, red onion and tomato salsa


Grilled Chicken Breast: Marinated in herbs on a bed of sautéed spinach served with seasonal vegetables and a rich reduction


Victorian Farmed Eye Fillet of Beef: Paired with a rosemary and thyme scallop potato, fresh seasonal vegetables, onion marmalade and red wine jus

Cheese Tasting Plate

Chef’s Selection of Local Cheese

Matched with a quince paste, golden crisp water crackers, and a spic

ed fruit

SDLivig on Wednesday! Pumpkins! by George Geary

Made in America

I have been an advocate in purchasing goods in the country I am in. When I travel I want items from the locals just as I do when I am home. For years I have been using American Made Cake Plates that I purchased in a small shop on Abbot Kenney in Venice. Here is a picture of the shop Bountiful stacked up to the ceiling with the large cake plates. I am sad to say that the store has closed, but the American Cake Plates and other items are being manufactured in Cambridge Ohio. All by hand. I recently toured the factory and heard about the family company by the granddaughter of the original owner. If you get to the east part of Ohio, stop in and take a look. They do sell retail and wholesale.

Mosser Glass

9279 Cadiz Road

Cambridge, OH



My favorite items are the heavy cake plates, made in 4 sizes.

Tours are daily with lunch break at 10:00am


Over 120 countries.. But France is Special! SDLiving by George Geary

French Influence ~  SDLiving Also 

I have visited over 120 countries, But France is it! Over 20 years ago when I decided which country to focus on International Food Tours I decided on France. I had so much in common with the rich country of food history. One of my mentors and chefs was from the Alp region of France in Chamonix. I knew I needed to see and share.

For over 18 seasons I packed my bags and took small groups to the South of France. We lived in the former home of Julia Child. The past 5 seasons I have rented a 17th century villa, and this year Julia's former home is up for sale. An end of an era. I hosted about 150 in the home over the years.. We are in our final stages of booking 2016 dates as we only have 2 spots left and will not be adding a week. If you are interested, please email as soon as possible. .

I am so proud that I have 2 former tour goers coming back for yet another week in the South of France.  


Last week I created Tapas outside on the outdoor set. Here are the recipes. 

Sangria Blanca

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Cold Tomato Soup

White Bean Salad

I am back next week for National Cheesecake Day! July 30th.. 9am Live on SDLiving CW6.. Recipes here afterwards! 

France... by George Geary

I just returned from 2 weeks in the countryside in the South of France... It was the best year of tours ever I think. 

We had great classes, tours and food. The countryside was packed with red poppies and the aroma of the floral danced in your nose. We even walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film

We woke up to the village's church bells every morning and ended our evenings with them as well.  

2016 maybe the last year for our use of this great villa. So if you are interested please email us. The dates are April 24th-30th, 2016 .. We only have room for 4 couples.. We take care of everything except your airfare into Nice, France.. 

Don't Procrastinate! 


Cheers George



France 2016 Here we Come! by George Geary

I just finished packing for a 3 week tour of Europe. 

On Sunday I will be joining my 20th Season of "Foodies" in the South of France. I will be posting pictures and notes via Facebook and Twitter for you to feel like you are with us.. The following week I will have another group..

I always say that after 20 seasons of bringing people from around the world to "Julia's" neighborhood and markets , it feels like the first time. Here are some of the highlights of the tour:

All Ground Transportation is included
Living in a 18th Century Villa in the most charming village close to Grasse.
Three Hands-On Cooking Classes
Fresh Aroma of Croissants and Pastry every morning
Rose Garden Class on Aromas
Aroma Scents Instruction
Perfumery Tour
Cheese Class
Tours of Cannes Markets (Produce, Textiles, Fish, Candies and Cheeses)
Village Tours of (Grasse, Vallbonne, Antebes, Cannes and More)
Wine Socials in the Evenings 
                  And so much more!

We only have room for 4 couples (8 people) so if you are thinking about it, check it out! Our prices have stayed the same since 2009, and we have added a day and transportation!
2016 Dates are: April 24-30th

A week in the countryside of France will change your life!

If you are interested in a brochure, email me at or upload one here.. Brochure


George Geary CCP
Culinary Media


San Diego Award Winning Tours... by George Geary

Award Winning Culinary Tours!

For the past 12 seasons, George Geary Culinary Tours have paired up with Great News Cooking School... This past week the owner of the cooking school contacted us with an email stating that they will not be doing tours with us at this time. 

We have hosted hundreds of foodie students from San Diego Area up to OC and LA.. Now we can expand with pick ups along the way! If you are interested let us know and we will put you on the list for the Spring Tours!  

(This tour will be only provided by George Geary Tours and not in part with any cooking school). We will be using a Park and Ride Lot in San Diego, Oc and or LA for pickups. 

France 2015! 20th Anniversary May 10th! by George Geary

George Geary Culinary Tours:

Here is the last picture of all of us from France last May.. Happy yet sad as we had the cars packed and heading to the airport to head home, on longer vacations and a few on the train to Paris. After we returned to the office I had 2015 book solid! I have added a second week for May 10-16th. We are adding a Photographer to help us all learn how to take better pictures. Landscapes to food to people! The prices are still the same as 2009.. And you get so much more. I pick you up at the airport!

Here is the Brochure. Act now! 



Newsletter and Recipes! by George Geary

Deviled! Eggs.. 

Oh the taste of a good deviled egg. A month back I was at La Grande Cafe in Pasadena that claims they have the best-deviled eggs. They are great! But sometimes you want to make your own. While trying to create a chunky texture for the filling I decided to jump on the Sriracha sauce bandwagon while I was at it.. Last week while I was in Chicago at Spritzburger (Gale Gand and the Hearty Boys place). Gale and I were talking about deviled eggs. She said.. You have to try mine. She said.. I put Sriracha in them! Funny I just created a recipe too using that thick red sauce! Hers’ are creamy and piped out of a pastry bag while mine is chunky and needed to be spooned into the cavities. Both were great.. 

Here is my Recipe: Chunky Deviled Eggs


Do you get my newsletter: if not sign up at 

Also, France 2015 and New Orleans 2015! Two great tours! Here is the information. 

France                       New Orleans

France... Here we Come May 2014! by George Geary

Award winning George Geary Tour Company will be traveling with a lucky group of people to the 18th season to the South of France in May 2014 This trip is all new all exciting! Nothing like any of the previous years! Everything but your flight is included! And the pricing is the same as 2009. Years prior you would have to have a rental car.. Not now! We pick you up at the airport and off to the Adventures of France. If you have any foodie friends that you think would enjoy this trip please pass on the information!

Here is a link to the brochure    France 2014 

Norway.... Waffles by George Geary

The Waffles of Norway

I recently returned from a 7 day cruise of The Netherlands and Norway. We started in Rotterdam the home port of Holland America Lines and also the ms. Rotterdam. We sailed to Oslo, the Fjords, Flam and a few places in-between.

Many places served waffles. cold waffles. I am used to a nice crispy hot butter melting waffles. Not the Dutch or Norwegians. They make waffles and stack them up with just a towel on top to keep warm. Served with a nice raspberry compote and thickened cream or sour cream. Here are the waffles I had above Flam, Norway

Norway Waffles

America in Summer by George Geary

Last week I was in Chicago judging contestants (James Beard winning chefs to home chefs) for a new show called The Taste with Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson it will be on ABC in the fall. It was exciting to see the process for the first 20 contestants. Then… I was tired of the same “point of view” everyone had. Nobody was original. Everyone used the words.. Fresh, localized, close to home, organic, farm to table etc. It was like everyone heard it and penned it! I questioned most of them on the view they had. Fail!

Now I ask restaurateurs if you are into farm to table and nothing being grown/raised further then a 50 (or what ever you have chosen) mile radius, what about your supplies such as dishes, pottery, tables, linens, glassware etc.

After the Los Angeles Open Cast Call I drove to Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA to a wonderful place that carries pedestal cake plates and domes. Speaking with Sue the owner of Bountiful, she told me that the cake plates come from one of only two American glass manufactures left in business. She carry’s about 40 different colors, shapes and sizes. All in all the shop had hundreds stacked all over the place! It’s a site to see. I picked up a Buttercream colored plate.


I love road trips! This past July 4th weekend I set out to show the Midwest to Neil and Jonathan. Neither had been to the areas we setout for. We started at Cedar Point on the 4th. What says America then a rollercoaster ride off of Lake Erie? Small towns of Ohio to the big cities, we covered hundreds of miles in 6 days. A goal was American Products and small towns.


Last June I was impressed with the new “Made in America” campaign from Starbucks. Many products are coming to market and a great heavy mug that I gave to my father for Fathers day. It was made at the American Stein and Mug Company in East Liverpool. This area that overlooks the Ohio Rver and borders West Virginia is in dire need of production factories to return. Only a few pottery makers were still in operation.


Homer and Hall had tours and a warehouse with seconds, remainders and first run pottery. I bought too much to where we had to ship boxes home. The Homer Pottery was packed with hundreds of shoppers looking to get the great deals.


Put your food on US Made pottery! It will taste so much better…


Homer Laughlin Co. “Fiesta” Pottery


Hall China Company



1335 Abbot Kinney Blvd

Venice, CA 90291



Italian Limonchello by George Geary

Here in Southern California it seems most homeowners have a citrus tree of sorts. I have 5! When my lemon tree is packed with fresh lemons I love to zest, juice and save the bounty. This year I decided to make a recipe that I got from my former tour guide that used to work with me in Italy. Maria Teresa... She was a very special lady!

One warm night in Rome a group of us sat at a family owned trattoria.. After the feast of roasted vegetables, pastas and the like the son brought a bottle that had been in a block of ice to the table with little glasses for each of us. Limonchello. I was hooked. You can only take a small bit, but refreshing it is! I created a lemon cake that we soak in the lemonchello and serve with fresh berries.

The Recipe: Italian Limonchello




When a sandwich is not just a sandwich! by George Geary

This past season on The Next Food Network Star the winner was 'The Sandwich Guy".. (I am sure just like you.. you give names to people). I thought what a crazy concept.. How hard is it to make a sandwich? I still think that when I see a book all devoted to the subject.. But then again I am sure there is a book on how to make your bed.

Here is a sandwich on the famous Muffiletta from Central Grocery in the French Quarter. Its a filling sandwich that would be nice with a bowl of soup. 

Central Grocery Muffulettas

New Orleans Culinary Tour 20122 by George Geary

New Orleans 2012:

Last weekend was a little wet from Tropical Storm Lee, in New Orleans.. But it did not stop me from eating and touring the “Big Easy” I finished putting together the 20th anniversary of the New Orleans Tour. Check out all of the excitement we have planned. We have two tours scheduled a two and a three night tour for those that want to stay longer or have time restrictions.  Dinners, tours,, hotels, cooking classes and more are all included in the tour price.

Here is the information:

2012 New Orleans : Full Itinerary

2012 New Orleans: Signup Forms


New Orleans area is packed with regional foods One is sugar and pecans. Here is a recipe of Pralines that you can make at home.

Recipe for :

 Pralines of New Orleans


If you have any questions about the tour please fell free in emailing us at

The Big Southern Tour by George Geary

Next week I will be starting on my BIG Southern Tour.

Atlanta, GA (3 locations) , Birmingham, AL and Hattiesburg, MS.I love the south.. The foods are rich with history and flavor. I have a couple of classes that I am going back to my “roots” recipes I had developed at my first culinary job in Hollywood. And also a class on the World Famous Brown Derby. I purchased a cookbook that was printed in the 1930’s so the recipes are full of flavor and cream! Check my first page on this website for information on all 5 classes.

Tomorrow I am headed down to San Diego to teach a sold outclass. When I put together classes I start with the subject of the class and then go from there. I thought.. Shall I dare? Do a class on the most over rated, over cookbook-produced subject of the past 3 years? Well lets do it.. Lets see if I can get a few people.. No not a few.. SOLD OUT with 60! Cupcakes. Yep.. I caved.. Cupcakes. I will have over 300 cupcakes all lined up. This weekend I made chocolate clay carrots and white rose buds. I will put some pictures up later this week.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday I am headed into Santa Monica (where I was born) to a cheese shop to learn to make Mozzarella. I have made soft cheeses before but would like to see the masters do it. When I took an Italian Food Tour of New Jersey last year I was surprised at all of the different flavors of the mozz. Each very unique!

Be looking for pictures this week via #chefgeary (twitter) and Facebook!

Cupcakes, Cheese and New Orleans at the end of the week.. Oh Boy!