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Deviled! Eggs.. 

Oh the taste of a good deviled egg. A month back I was at La Grande Cafe in Pasadena that claims they have the best-deviled eggs. They are great! But sometimes you want to make your own. While trying to create a chunky texture for the filling I decided to jump on the Sriracha sauce bandwagon while I was at it.. Last week while I was in Chicago at Spritzburger (Gale Gand and the Hearty Boys place). Gale and I were talking about deviled eggs. She said.. You have to try mine. She said.. I put Sriracha in them! Funny I just created a recipe too using that thick red sauce! Hers’ are creamy and piped out of a pastry bag while mine is chunky and needed to be spooned into the cavities. Both were great.. 

Here is my Recipe: Chunky Deviled Eggs


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Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread by George Geary

Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread

Most of us do not use our food processors enough. The first thing I hear.. "I hate washing it!" OK OK.. so what appliance do you not have to wash? I think its the awkwardness of the parts.. You have a lid that has a tube that falls out and the lid or cover will not sit right, then the blade.. OH that's another storey.. Do not try to take the blade out of the bowl when you are talking and not paying attention.. Yes.. I had to throw away everything. Then you have the bowl.. Lastly the housing that does not get wet. Well. make some appetizers, salsas and spreads with the machine. Stop having it just sit on your counter! If you are in need of more recipes besides this one, I have two books on the subject. 125 Best Food Processor Recipes and 650 Best. All in my store.

Here is the recipe: Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread

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