When I was younger I recall watching the Galloping  Gourmet Show with Graham Kerr  (1969-1971) cooking away on the local network. Once he made something with an octopus and then he would run into the crowd get some un-expecting person out of the audience and have them sit down to a glass of wine and try the food. I thought this was crazy! I enjoyed these afternoons after school. I never thought I would be doing food segments!

I have created food for national food companies to working on the Food Network with Robin Leech back in 1993 when we launched the network into the homes of Americans. I worked on the ABC National Show Mike and Maty as the resident chef.  Now I can been seen on more locaized morning shows from Dallas to San Diego to New York City. Below I have put together some of the shows that I just located.. Some have not been seen since they were shot.  The recipes follwo the show so just click on the links and enjoy.. No stop laughing! I know you too don't look the same after 20 years! 

1993: TVFN Launching of the Network with Robin Leech "News and Views Show"


News Stations:

San Diego Living: Nat'l Zucchini Day: Aug 8th, 2011: Show: Recipes: Zucchini Pineapple Muffins

San Diego Living: Picnic Salads: June 27th, 2011: Show: Recipes: Peanut Coleslaw and Roasted Chicken Salad

NBC14: Evansville, IN: Pumpkin Kahlua Pie: Fall 1998: Show: Recipe: Pumpkin Kahlua Pie

NBC14: Evansville, IN: Ice Cream Toppings July 1997: Show: Recipes: Mac Sauce, Chocolate Sauce 

NBC14: Evansville, IN: Key Lime Pie: Spring 1997: Show   Recipe: Key Lime Pie

NBC14: Evansville, IN: Glazing Cakes: Sept. 1997:  Show  Recipes: Chocolate Glaze, White Glaze

FOX4: Dallas, TX: Sauces: October 15th, 2009: Show: Recipes:

Mike and Maty Show: Resident Chef

July 1998: 4th of July Remote Show on Santa Monica Pier: Grilling Segment  Show

August 3rd, 1994: Test Pilot Cinnamon Rolls: Show: Recipe: Cinnamon Rolls 

Fall 1996: Pumpkin "Coffee" Custards: Show: Recipe: Pumpkin Coffee Custards

Live in LA: Local Show on KCAL9 Cyndy Garvey and Steve Edwards

November 1993: Blueberry Muffins: Show: Recipes: The Perfect BLueberry Muffins

Extra Things: 

1997 International Coke Commercial "The Cooking School"  Show

Kentucky Lifestyles: Double Chocolate Cookies: Spring 1998: Show : Recipe Double Chocolate Cookies

April 2nd, 1997: CBS Los Angeles 2: Four Monks Vinegars Promo : Show

Dierburgs Everybody Cooks! Sept. 19th 2003: Show: Recipes: Raspberry Blueberry Pie, Ganache Raspberries 

OC Register: 5 Sauces! Story and Pictures with Recipes.