With over 30 years of culinary experience, George offers an array of professional services that get noticed.  Below is a list of services that are offered.


George has been teaching culinary arts for the past 30 years. From small localized schools to hundreds at Food Festivals nationwide. His reach is coast to coast to the seven seas. You can find George teaching from his books to specialty menus he has designed for food companies.

Culinary Tours:

For over 25 years George Geary Tours have conducted tours for the foodie at heart. Day to week long tours from major cities of America to living in Julia Child's former home in the south of France. Private tours can be conducted for your organization or group. Special tours for Fortune 500 companies are our specialty.

Spokesperson Work:

From produce companies to food organizations, George has created media and promotional materials for some of the world-renowned companies.

Here are a few of the companies and services provided:

Driscolls Berries: Corporate Chef ~ Recipe Development ~ Product Training to Chefs

Canola Council of Canada: Recipe Development ~ Convention Services

TV Food Network: Recipe Development ~ Product Brochures ~ Convention Services


Keynote speaking to all aspects of media. Food companies and food organizations hire George to get the word out.  

Food Styling:


In 1982 George styled his first job. He was working at Paramount Studios in the Prop Department. Cable shows were new and the media was bursting at the seams. George created everything from Cheesecakes for the long running hit show The Golden Girls to full pastry cases and ice cream bars for the hit sitcom It’s A Living in 1985. Currently George styles food for many magazines and industry recipe cards.

Television Radio Media:

George has been featured in every major television, cable and radio market in the United States.  George’s first appearance was on the local “Live In LA” show staring Cindy Garvey and Steve Edwards. After the appearance he signed on for a six-month stent before going national!  George was the resident chef of the national show Mike and Maty on ABC for the entire 4-year run of the show. In the first 3 years of the Food Network (TVFN) George toured the country with Robin Leech launching the network to cable and industry professionals. Just last season George was the host of Glutton for Punishment for Food Network Canada. Currently you can see George on major networks on morning news programs conducting product endorsements to cooking up a recipe from one of his 9 cookbooks.


With 12 cookbooks under his belt, George knows the publishing industry front and back. He understands what sells and what moves! Besides books, George also has written many articles for the industry, newspapers and food publications.

Ghost Writing:

Some writing is done without tagging the George Geary name to. George understands that some companies and restaurants would like to have an experienced writer on staff.  This is a way to hire a professional for your team.  Because of the nature of this business, George cannot specifically divulge the name of the companies that are held confidentially

Cookbooks for Restaurants, Bakeries & Specialty Food Stores

Pamphlets for Restaurants & Food Companies

Recipe Cards for Food Associations & Packaging

Back of Product Packaging for recipes on the back of boxes, cans and packages. 

Project Manager

If you do not know where to start to create a book, publication, pamphlet or other media, George can coordinate everything from the industries award winning photographers, food stylists to writers for the job.

Recipe Contests

From naming one of your products to creating a new ice cream flavor. George has be involved in creating “buzz” for your product or location. We can work with any budget for big rewards. Your customers love to be involved creating a product for your business. Contests are the way to go.. After years and hundreds of contestants the Pillsbury® Bake-Off is still considered one of the prime contests. George can create and manage contests from judges to awards.


Consulting can be arranged for any of the above at hourly or “per job” fees.

Non-Profit Groups:

We are asked daily to send books, class or tour gift certificates to non-profit groups. To expedite this procedure, every month of January we review the following years requests. If you would like to be considered, please submit a proposal and your non-profits public financials for us to review.

If you are in need of an autographed book last minute. You can purchase any of the books on the site and we will personalize them and ship them out.


George Geary 951.454.2207