The Holland America World Cruise #7 by George Geary

Auckland to Cairns "The World" 2017

This was my second time in Auckland, NZ without really seeing it. From the airport to the ship.. Then we sailed! 14 days on the water, 5 ports, 2 demonstrations, 2 hands on cooking classes, 2 cocktail "sip and savory" parties and 5 co-hosting of Good Morning Amsterdam. And that's just a few of the highlights.

I have been on this run a few times, but getting up at 5am to see us sail into the Port of Sydney with the Opera house illuminating with the morning sunrise and going under the Sydney Bridge just clearing it by a few inches. Previously we have docked in Circular Quay (Between the Bridge and the Opera.. But since the ma Amsterdam can clear the bridge under we go to another dock..

One of my shows was New Zealand Foods. Here are the two recipes I made. Try them out.

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Corn Chowder

Cream Chicken Soup... by George Geary

I am off to South America to join the World Cruise! I thought for most of the counrty taht is in a deep freeze you would need a hearty and flavorful soup to warm those bones!

See you upon return! We have France spots left And I will let you know about my upcoming TV Shows on the CW in San Diego.. 



On the set last week..