"CC" Chocolate Chip Cookies by George Geary

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nestle Toll House Cookies. It was probably the very first recipe you ever made. I bet you do not even have the recipe in your memory bank or written down since you know it will be on the back of the 12oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I don’t think I have purchased a bag of those chips since 1985 (About the time that they stopped melting in the cookie dough and just roll out of the dough when you break a cookie in half). I created a recipe that is a little off the norm… “CC” stands for Chewy and Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies. Read my entire post and shopping tips before you make these.

I always say in my classes..” If you have the best ingredients and tools you can make anything perfect”. The differences in a good cookie and an award winning cookie is the ingredients I use. In the recipe I have placed hyperlinks as to the best items I use. Here is a list and why.

Silpat: These are silicone mats that you make your cookies on. The first came from France. When I worked in my first French ran kitchen the pastry chef had one since they were $50 at the time. They do last a life time.

Half-Sheet Bun Pan: These will fit in most all ovens. They have sides so the cookies will not fall off when you pull them out of the oven. Heavy duty thickness they will last forever. Get a few sets! The Silpats fit perfectly in them.

#20 Disher: Also known as a portion scoop. The number is in the “flipper” which means how many scoops you get out of a quart of something like ice cream or mashed potatoes. DO not use these as ice cream scoops as the flippers will break. The come in sizes 6 to 100. a number 100 is very small.. enough for a bonbon.

Belgium Chocolate Chunks: Pastry chefs have been using these for years. We melt the chunks down for icings and desserts. They are pricy.. But you are worth a real chocolate chunk.

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract: Ok. let’s face it. Vanilla is skyrocketing. By the time you buy a bottle the price will change in a day or two. Nielsen-Massey is the best on earth unless you make your own from beans that you have harvested in the jungles in Madagascar (Ok I have done this). Honestly, for the full flavor if you use another vanilla you will not get that perfect cookie. And seriously… You use less than 20 cents per batch. It is just the initial outlay.

Nielsen-Massey Pure Almond Extract:: A few years back N-M started making extracts. Lemon, Orange, Cinnamon.. Almond. Not fake tasting what’s so ever. Try all of them!


I hope you enjoy the cookies.. While most of the nation is under a very cold spell and here in California we have something coming out of the sky that they call “Rain”. Stay safe!


Almond 'Nilla Wafers by George Geary

We all have had "Nilla® Wafers. But I am sure you have never had these remarkable almond ones. Here is an easy recipe.. The hardest part is using a pastry bag with a round tip. 

Almond flour can be found most of the time at Trader Joes, Major markets in the baking section. I hope you enjoy these.

Lavender Stamped Butter Cookies by George Geary

I wanted you to learn about two things with my recipe this week. The use of Lavender and rolling pins from Turkey. This past weekend I was invited to a TV viewing party in West Hollywood. I could not go empty handed, I took a box of homemade cookies. When you never know what to take try something small and cute.. A box of cookies. 



Here is the recipe for the Shortbreads.

Lavender Sugar: I make my own really. But in Southern California we have Keys Creek Lavender Farm. They sell at some of the farmers markets around San Diego and Temecula. Plus online. Here is their Website: Keys Creek Lavender  

Rolling Pins: You all MUST take a look at these phenomenal. Do not let the shipping from Turkey worry you. I purchase many and they get here ok. And you use your PayPal account. They will make your cookies a work of art! Rolling Woods 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

SnickerDoodles...🍪 by George Geary

Tomorrow I am heading to Chicago to help with a fundrasier for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. I will be working with Chef Gale Gand in one of the FLW homes. It is a private dinner for 12 people. I also am going to be a docent for two of the homes for the Wright Walk in celebration of his 150th birthday

I just pulled out of the oven some old fashion Americana Cookies.. Snickerdoodles.

Here is the recipe. Enjoy!


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France 2018B Brochure

France 2018B Orderform

European Butter Cookies.. by George Geary

Ah..Meyer Lemon Butter Cookies.

This past weekend was a "nature" weekend. It was sunny about 80F here in SoCal. We took a little "road trip" to the wild flowers.. The hills were packed with so many varieties of flowers! With all of the rain we have had the hills exposed their beauty for us!

After the flowers then off to California Historical Citrus State Park.  It is a MUST visit stop. They have tours of the farms and all of the citrus. This time of year the aroma is intoxicating..  You also come home with a sample bag of the varieties! Afterwards I purchased 30 pounds of oranges.. A cross between Navel and Blood. Jams will be made this week!

Here is the recipe for the butter cookies..Recipe for Butter Cookies

A few years back I came across a rolling pin company that made embossed pins.. They are out of Poland.. But they ship to the states! Take a look at Rolling Woods Store.

Rolling Woods Etsy Store:

Until next time..

Cookie Time.. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds! by George Geary

Last weekend I went to the Temecula Farmers Market looking around for new fresh items of the season. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds for cooking.  The walnuts were a bright hue of red that do not loose their color when baking. If you are not close to this farmers market you can get them from Amazon.

Notice the pure color that does not look like they are just dyed.

I made Red Walnut Oatmeal cookies that turned out terrific! Here is the recipe:

Red Walnut Oatmeal Cookies 

Keys Creek Lavender Farm up the road from Temecula has a table filled with the only organic certified farm for lavender around. The farm used to be open to the public, but now only if you are attending a class or function. Their Linen spray is the best on the market and made at the farm. I purchased the food grade buds to make lavender sugar and to decorate the cookies.

Have you even purchased something from I was looking around at rolling pins and found these remarkable tools from Rolling Woods: They even make to order.. They are out of Poland, but no worries if you order with Paypal.. My pins arrived within 3 weeks from ordering! Rolling Woods

I made Lavender Butter Cookies using the Lavender buds and European butter:

Lavender Shortbread Cookies 


Lastly,  I am a sucker for a good Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love how these turned out with the soft inside and outside with a little crunch. They also look like ones my grandmother made..


Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies







Thursday is National Cheesecake Day.. Post coming soon.. I will be on LIVE CW6 San Diego Living.. Tune in.. 9am! 


Day 7: The Flavors of Christmas... Butter by George Geary


Yes... a flavor! I have created a Hot Butter Rum Drink and also a French Butter Cookie that is so light! Enjoy! I think you will love these recipes. 

Salt vs Unsalted butter. First I kid and say I used unsalted because I am worried about your health. Really do you know how much salt is in butter? I don't either.. So I use unsalted so I can use the amount of salt I feel is best. Also, salted butter last longer so grocery stores can keep it on the shelve longer. 

Hot Buttered Rum

French Butter Cookies. 

Day 1: Holiday Time!!! Chocolate is the Word! by George Geary

It's time for the Twelve Days of Holiday Sweetness! This year I am doing a few things different. 1. I am also going to be highlighting a product that I feel is the BEST to use for the recipe. 2. Every day of the twelve days are "themed". Today's theme is Chocolate! 3. I am adding a drink recipe! All drink recipes there will be two versions. Adult and Kid-Friendly! .. And we will have a few contests during the run! 

Day 1: Chocolate


Hot Truffle Chocolate

Chocolate Fudge Butter Cookies  (revised)  Tomorrow... Cinnamon! 


Half "Bun" Baking Sheets.. First the origin of the name.. A full sheet is standard for bakeries. These pans are mainly to make yeast buns and these are half the size.. thus.. Half Bun Pans! If you have been at one of my classes you will always see me use these trays for prepping and also for baking cookies. Sheets of Parchment Paper ft perfectly. They will not warp, they are affordable to order at least 6! So you can have your cookies cool completely on the cookie trays. Many cookie cookbook authors only like sheets with two sides that are flat like the sheet. Its been told that the air-flow of the oven will not be even with all four sides like these cookie trays.. I say.. Bologna! If the heat in your oven can not go over 1/2-inch then you have more problems with regulation then with baking of your cookies. 

Holiday Recipes…. Soft Ginger Cookies by George Geary

It's Fall... I love all of the spices and aromas that make up the fall/holiday time. Here is a spiced cooking that is very soft. I use two kinds of ginger in the recipe.

If you are looking at your spice cabinet and thinking.. I need new spices.. Then check out The Spice House out of Chicago area. They ship and its work every cent! When you open a jar of spices you will begin to notice the freshness right away.  

The Spice House


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France Information


Here is the recipe for these great cookies: Recipe

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Do me a favor and repost this and or send to your foodie friends.. They may just gice you my France Trip as a gift!





It's Almost Labor Day! Glazed Lemon Cookie Time by George Geary

I was a little surprised to find out that a number of school districts started back a few weeks ago. We went from the second Wednesday of September to the second week of June. One week off at Easter (Oh we can't say that.. I mean Spring Break) and two weeks at Christmas (Woops... Again I can't say that I mend Winter break) And a few other holidays like Thanksgiving (Can I say that?). Lincoln's Birthday, Memorial Day, Etc... If I would have known I would have supplied you with this cookie recipe! I also use to to grind down for my lemon cheesecake... 

Enjoy! Recipe

PS: I have some of my books on my site if you are looking for them to purchase: Books

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The Taste of Shortbread and Cheesecake by George Geary

The Taste on ABC & Chocolate Shortbread

It's been a whirl-wind of a few weeks. Last week I was asked if I could pack my bags and get to NYC for a few days to work on Season 2 of The Taste. It was on in January of this year. I was a Casting Food Judge to where I tasted the foods of the contestants. It was over 100F and the humidity was high also. My first night in the city I found out a college was teaching a class on Salt Block Cooking at The Meadow (They have hundreds of salts, chocolate, bitters and flowers). Mark Bitterman has a location on Hudson and also one in Portland with a second Portland coming in. Check it out The Meadow.

Here is my recipe for the week. Rich Buttery Chocolate Shortbread. It will become a family classic! No eggs! Recipe

Two weeks ago I conducted my LA Coffee Roasting to Tamales Tour. Out September Tour is sold out, but get on the mailing list for the Holiday food tours. We leave from San Diego Area.  Tours from San Diego

On Tuesday the 30th my segment on SD Living will be all on Cheesecake! From Savory (with two great cheeses) and the famous Golden Girl Cheesecake that I created for the show back in the 80s. I will post the recipe on Monday Night.. 

Lastly, we only have 2.. yes.. TWO spots left for May 2014 France Tour. This is my 18th season and it will be the best yet! A great 17th century (modern) villa and the prices are the same as 2009! Tours 

See you on TV, a class or a tour! 



Christmas Cookie Segment by George Geary

December 12th, 2012.. 12-12-12

This morning I am on the SD Living Show doing my segment. Christmas Cookies! Here are the recipes. Also, I will be sending out daily recipes for a few weeks. Make sure you are on my mailing list. Submit your email information on the Home page of my site.

Cookie Baking Hints       Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

Sprinkle Sugar Cookies   Cherry Almond Spritz Cookies


Now get ready to Bake! George