Banana Chocolate Chip Cake by George Geary

A very moist and flavorful cake.. I like to use very very ripe bananas that are very dark. The sugars come up and wow.. so much flavor. Use any kind of Bundt tube pan for this recipe.

A trick I tell all of my students when you are making a Bundt cake… No need to grease and flour the pans as it is too difficult to get into all of the cracks and crevasses.. Spray pan with a non-stick spray. After the cake has completely baked, set a timer for exactly 10 minutes. Then invert directly on a cooking rack. The pan will lift off perfectly.

WTF Day. (What The Food Day) National Peanut Day! March 15th by George Geary

It's National Peanut Day! On the morning show I love doing WTF Day.. (What The Food Day). Everyday is a day of some kind of food. Here are my favorite peanut butter cookies. I love to dip them in Belgium Chocolate and some sprinkling of roasted peanuts too.


I grew up in Torrance, CA.  For years we were home to the world's largest mall. Del Amo Fashion Square. Then a mall in Canada and the Mall of America in Minnesota beat us out. Well, I loved this stand called Bob's Ice Cream Bars. The sales ladies wore old time dresses with aprons and funny hats. You could get an ice cream bar that was chocolate or vanilla and they would dip it in a chocolate coating, then you could choose the nuts or jimmies. I always took the roasted peanuts. While I was dipping my cookies, I thought of Bob's Ice Cream Bars. 

Here is the recipe: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Enjoy! And make sure you are getting my newsletter at 

The History of…. The Brownie.. (Maybe) by George Geary

The History of…. The Brownie.. (Maybe)

History intrigues me. I always have felt you cannot look to the future until you look at your past. My 5th grade teacher Mr. Fickart said “History Repeats Itself”…

This is a new idea I have regarding history of food. When I was researching my latest book L.A.’s Legendary Restaurants three of the recipes in the book were “firsts”. I thought it would be an interesting blog as to the “firsts” as we know them in food. Or the claims we have heard. With a recipe or two thrown in. 

The Brownie.

Many have claimed they invented what today we know as “the Brownie”  I enjoy the Potter and Bertha Horne Palmer story. It all starts at the Palmer (Today known as The Palmer Hotel ~ A Hilton Hotel). Today the Palmer sits 17 E. Monroe (at State) in Chicago. The current hotel is the third Palmer at this location. The first was built in 1871 (as a wedding gift to his wife) and 13 days later it burnt down in the Great Chicago Fire. Four years later, it reopened as “The World’s Only Fire Proof Hotel”. In the 1920’s the current hotel was built bigger on the same site to accommodate the business in downtown. Today the Palmer has 1,641 rooms that make it the second largest hotel in Chicago.

Bertha Palmer was the President of the Board of Ladies Managers of the World’s Columbian Commission in 1890. Duties of the President were important besides conducting and leading dozens of the lady managers of the board. Because of her influence and stature in the community and having the largest most opulent hotel didn’t hurt. Bertha called on her pastry chef at the hotel to design a dessert for the upcoming woman’s picnic for the board (It was held at Grant Park in the Ladies Pavilion). She knew the ladies could not have a piece of cake or pie in their picnic basket without it ruining their gloves.  Cookies were too mundane. So he created a “bar cookie” of sorts. Today when you stay at the Palmer, you get a brownie during turn down service.

Technically, there is no written evidence on menus or such that the Palmer called them Brownies. The first recipe for “brownies” in a cookbook was Fanny Famer, in the 1896 edition of the Boston Cooking School Cookbook. But it didn’t have chocolate, so it was what we today all a “Blondie”. The first time in print with reference to Chocolate and Brownie was on April 1st, 1898 in the Kansas City Journal on sale for .15 cents a pound. The updated 1909 Boston Cooking School Cookbook had two recipes one for Brownies with and one without chocolate.

Palmer House Brownie Recipe

1909 Boston Cooking School Recipe

Pumpkin Brownies

Here is a list of my October Classes and Signings

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Cookie Time.. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds! by George Geary

Last weekend I went to the Temecula Farmers Market looking around for new fresh items of the season. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds for cooking.  The walnuts were a bright hue of red that do not loose their color when baking. If you are not close to this farmers market you can get them from Amazon.

Notice the pure color that does not look like they are just dyed.

I made Red Walnut Oatmeal cookies that turned out terrific! Here is the recipe:

Red Walnut Oatmeal Cookies 

Keys Creek Lavender Farm up the road from Temecula has a table filled with the only organic certified farm for lavender around. The farm used to be open to the public, but now only if you are attending a class or function. Their Linen spray is the best on the market and made at the farm. I purchased the food grade buds to make lavender sugar and to decorate the cookies.

Have you even purchased something from I was looking around at rolling pins and found these remarkable tools from Rolling Woods: They even make to order.. They are out of Poland, but no worries if you order with Paypal.. My pins arrived within 3 weeks from ordering! Rolling Woods

I made Lavender Butter Cookies using the Lavender buds and European butter:

Lavender Shortbread Cookies 


Lastly,  I am a sucker for a good Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love how these turned out with the soft inside and outside with a little crunch. They also look like ones my grandmother made..


Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies







Thursday is National Cheesecake Day.. Post coming soon.. I will be on LIVE CW6 San Diego Living.. Tune in.. 9am! 


Father's Day by George Geary

Monday on SDLiving I will be doing a special show for Dad's.. Mainly my dad!

Here is a rare picture of us.. Mom really didn't let Dad hold us.. In fact some didn't think we had legs that worked! Father's Day is a tough day for gifts.. You try to get something useful yet fun.. So I came up years ago with a blend of Cinnamon Sugar that dad likes on his buttered toast in the mornings.. I packaged it and put lables with this picture.. Wala! A perfect personal gift.. We will be making this and also a Steak/Rub rub. Also some of Dad's Favorite Chocolate Desserts!

Join me on SDLiving Tomorrow LIVE at 9am.. Here are the recipes...

Dad's Cinnamon

Dad's Steak Rub

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies 


See you on the HAL Flagship... The ms Amsterdam on Sunday out of Seattle.. Heading to Alaska for a week! 

We are 1/2 full for France 2016.. Will you be coming with us? It maybe our last weeks in the villas for a while.. 

SD Living: Nat'l Chocolate Pudding Day! by George Geary

Who knew such a day? Nat'l Chocolate Pudding Day??

Well we will be making

Chocolate Pudding Martinis

Rich Chocolate Pudding Cake

All Live tomorrow on SD Living WB6! June 26th, 9am! I will have the show on this blog tomorrow night after the broadcast for those who do not live in San Diego! Remember.. we are LIVE and anything can happen! (Now I wonder if I have a 5 second delay??) 

Next week a newsletter going out with info on a new tour.. New Orleans and France 15B

SD Living National Fondue Day and Selfies! by George Geary

Here is today's crazy show from SD Living.. Marc learned how to do “selfies” on the news for his new Facebook Page.. SO I then had to get into the action and get one of Heather, he and I as we wrapped up Valentines Day with George.

I started out with making a Chocolate Strawberry Martini, Then Raspberry Semi-Sweet Fondue and last but not least White Chocolate Macadamia Fondue.. Here also is a recipe for my Peppermint Marshmallows.


SD Living is on the CW Monday-Friday in San Diego California.

Here is the link to my segment.  (The picture is not of me strangling Marc.. we are doing the selfie)

Day 5: The Favors of Christmas… Hibiscus! & SD Living in the AM by George Geary

Holidays are all about the color red and green! Looking at this festive drink it just puts you into the mood!

Tuesday morning I will be doing my Holiday segment for SD Living. I know some of you are outside the area so after the broadcast I will put the show up here on the blog. 

The Favor is Hibiscus! Red Ruby Hibiscus flowers make up this Hibiscus Cranberry Margarita that the glass was rimmed with Hibiscus salts.

The second recipe is Hibiscus Pots De Creme.


If you do not have a BevMo close by, here is a link for the flowers.. I also will highlight a New Years Eve Drink on SD Living the 27th using the flowers.


Contest! Ok.. How would you like to win a bag of the salt and a jar of the flowers? The tenth person to email me at with the correct answer. What country are the flowers from? Wins!

Tomorrows Flavor is: Vanilla!

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Day 4: The Flavors of Christmas… Peppermint by George Geary

Peppermint.. The flavor alone reminds you of Christmas.. The candy cane would not be any other flavor! It has to be peppermint.. I see some are on the shelves this season are hot sauce flavored.. Not for me!

Here are two recipes for today.

Peppermint Brownies

Candy Cane MilkShake


Also here is a link for paper straws.. The Old Fashion feel of the paper straw will take you back to a simpler time. 

Tomorrows Flavor is...Hibiscus! 

Is English Toffee English? by George Geary

A question I have pondered.. Just like is French Toast French? German Chocolate Cake German? 

All kidding aside.. Last night was a wonderful Truffle and Confection Class. I posted a few "Live" pictures from the scene in San Diego and texts, tweets and emails came in for the recipe for the English Toffee.

Here is the recipe.. and if you love it.. pre-post!  RECIPE

Next week... Daily Holiday Recipes! 


Reflection Day and SD Living Tomorrow by George Geary

How many times today did you look at your phone and see those numbers? Sept, 11. It gives you chills even 12 years later. I don't care where you were you were effected. Just a note to bless all that were impacted.

Thursday September 12th is National Chocolate Shake Day! I will doing my segment on San Diego CW6 on the SD Living Show.. Here is a sneak peek at the recipes. I decided to do the Chocolate Butter Cookie to go with it.



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The Taste of Shortbread and Cheesecake by George Geary

The Taste on ABC & Chocolate Shortbread

It's been a whirl-wind of a few weeks. Last week I was asked if I could pack my bags and get to NYC for a few days to work on Season 2 of The Taste. It was on in January of this year. I was a Casting Food Judge to where I tasted the foods of the contestants. It was over 100F and the humidity was high also. My first night in the city I found out a college was teaching a class on Salt Block Cooking at The Meadow (They have hundreds of salts, chocolate, bitters and flowers). Mark Bitterman has a location on Hudson and also one in Portland with a second Portland coming in. Check it out The Meadow.

Here is my recipe for the week. Rich Buttery Chocolate Shortbread. It will become a family classic! No eggs! Recipe

Two weeks ago I conducted my LA Coffee Roasting to Tamales Tour. Out September Tour is sold out, but get on the mailing list for the Holiday food tours. We leave from San Diego Area.  Tours from San Diego

On Tuesday the 30th my segment on SD Living will be all on Cheesecake! From Savory (with two great cheeses) and the famous Golden Girl Cheesecake that I created for the show back in the 80s. I will post the recipe on Monday Night.. 

Lastly, we only have 2.. yes.. TWO spots left for May 2014 France Tour. This is my 18th season and it will be the best yet! A great 17th century (modern) villa and the prices are the same as 2009! Tours 

See you on TV, a class or a tour! 



All Chocolate! by George Geary

Texas.. & Chocolate !

I am here in Texas for a whirlwind tour.. 5 classes, 5 cities, 4 car rentals, over 200 students, 4 hotels and 6 air flights, 2 different airlines flying thousands of miles.. in 5 days! Yes.. 5 Days! It has been a few years since I have been here teaching in Texas and it was great last night seeing so many past students. 

Here is a great fast easy recipe we made last night. 

Chocolate Pots de Creme 



Central Market and Texas Students by George Geary

I'm Back!!!!!

In a few weeks I will be back to Central Market throughout the state of Texas. Next week any former students that I have US Postal addresses for will be receiving information about the classes and all of my books including my new book coming out this week. This will be my last US Mail to all of you. I will be corresponding though here and my newsletter. Please make sure you are in my email data base.

All classes are from 6:30pm to 9:00pm                                                           Monday Oct.1st:     Dallas Location                                                                 Tuesday Oct. 2nd:   Southlake Location                                                               Wed. Oct 3rd:       San Antonio Location                                                           Thurs. Oct 4th:     Houston Location                                                                 Friday Oct 5th:      Austin Location

I will be teaching a class, all on chocolate desserts. With a recipe from my newest cookbook all on donuts!  150 Best Donut Recipes!

Extraordinary Fall & Holiday Chocolate Pastry Party

The fall and holiday season is upon us and time to create showstopper deserts with ease. Learn from George how to make perfect pastry. Author of 9 award-winning cookbooks, George will create desserts that will have all of your guests in Awe. 

Menu: Semi-Sweet Mocha Flour-less French Torte, 5 Chocolate Brownies Drenched with Bittersweet Glaze, Pots de Crème, Milk Chocolate Mini-Cakes with Truffle Filling and Baked Chocolate Donuts with Vanilla Macadamia Sauce. to register