Father's Day / by George Geary

Monday on SDLiving I will be doing a special show for Dad's.. Mainly my dad!

Here is a rare picture of us.. Mom really didn't let Dad hold us.. In fact some didn't think we had legs that worked! Father's Day is a tough day for gifts.. You try to get something useful yet fun.. So I came up years ago with a blend of Cinnamon Sugar that dad likes on his buttered toast in the mornings.. I packaged it and put lables with this picture.. Wala! A perfect personal gift.. We will be making this and also a Steak/Rub rub. Also some of Dad's Favorite Chocolate Desserts!

Join me on SDLiving Tomorrow LIVE at 9am.. Here are the recipes...

Dad's Cinnamon

Dad's Steak Rub

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies 


See you on the HAL Flagship... The ms Amsterdam on Sunday out of Seattle.. Heading to Alaska for a week! 

We are 1/2 full for France 2016.. Will you be coming with us? It maybe our last weeks in the villas for a while.. ggeary@aol.com