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It's FairTime on CBS8 San Diego! Monday 6/18 by George Geary

It is fair season! Watch Monday 8am. San Diego CBS8! 

George Geary and Heather on CBS8! Live at 8am. 

George Geary and Heather on CBS8! Live at 8am. 

We have an array of recipes from Fair Foods Cookbook! They these out and enjoy! Watch live to see George make all of these great iconic fair foods! Here are the recipes for you to try at home. 

Summertime Adult Lemonade

Deep Fried Oreos

Deep Fried Strawberries

Pickle Dogs

We also have a few France 2019 spots open. email me at for information 

SDLiving Pre-Election Show.. Appetizers! by George Geary

It has been quite a very long election season! Tomorrow I will be doing my segment on SDLiving Live at 9am on Appetizers.. Plus a very quick drink. Please everyone VOTE. Prior to being old enough to vote I worked on state campaigns, when I was 13 years old. I loved the process. I knocked on doors.. In my 20s I got back on the trails and stood and registered people to vote. Many propositions were infringing on human rights... Everyone knows how much I travel. Since October 1st, I have been in 14 states, teaching, morning shows and book signing.. If I can vote you can too. I have not missed one election since my 18th birth!  

Try these.

Raspberry Prosecco Cooler

Bullock's Wilshire Tea Room Chicken Cantonese Salad

Honey Sriracha Wings with Dill Sauce

Tomorrow LIVE at 9am on SDLiving CW6 "The Islands" by George Geary

I have traveled to the South Pacific a dozen times. It is a wonderful part of the world. Every island is different.. Thursday's show on SDLiving will focus on a few recipes and travel talk! Here are the recipes. If you can not tune in or San Diego is not in your viewing area you can watch online or after the show I will put my segment up.   

Drink: Coconut Pineapple Breeze

Kon-Tiki Chicken Salad

New Caledonia Shrimp with Honey Dipping Sauce

Lemon Macadamia Bars 


Hot Hot Hot.. No-Bake Pies on CW6 SDLiving! by George Geary

Today on CW6.. No-Bake Pies! 

Its is hot out there! I decided to make 5 different pies for this mornings show. All no-bake and fast to make! Try them out! I started all with the pre-made crust. When you can make yourself if you like. 

White Chocolate Cheese Pie

Nutella S'More Pie

Raspberry Smoothie Pie

Key Lime Pie

Peanut Butter Cheese Pie

Have a great weekend and stay cool! 


SDLiving: Car Picnics LIVE by George Geary

San Diego Living: Thursday Feburary 27th

What a day at the station! My segment was on car picknics as the Fallbrook Car Collectors brought a number of vintage cars.. I set up my demo n the backlot of the station so we had to use  the sunlight. At 9am it was already 70F. My car prop behind me was a blue and white Metropolitan. I created a number of dishes and an adult beverage.. Here are the recipes and also a clip from the show for you to watch that live out of the SD area or have a job at 9am in the mornings!

Here is the show: SDLiving



Recipes from the show:

Adult Root Beer Floats

Deli Potato Herb Salad

Curry Chicken Salad

Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting


Have a great week and see you all soon!





SDLiving Christmas Show.. Tomorrow by George Geary

SDLiving Tomorrow.. Holiday Brunch Ideas

December 23rd, 9am.. CW6.... Here are the recipes..

I decided to make a Savory Corn Muffin and a Vegetable Frittata. If you can not join me LIVE in the morning I will post the show after it airs...

Mushroom Onion Frittata

Savory Corn Muffins

We have only 1 room left for France 2017.. When that room is gone they are all gone.. Unless someone wants to book a full week with 8 of your closest friends and the villa is open. If you are interested in the last room or a full week email me at

If I do not hear from you before 2016.. Have a great Christmas and New Year.. I am off to Berlin for New Years.. Cheers! 






Over 120 countries.. But France is Special! SDLiving by George Geary

French Influence ~  SDLiving Also 

I have visited over 120 countries, But France is it! Over 20 years ago when I decided which country to focus on International Food Tours I decided on France. I had so much in common with the rich country of food history. One of my mentors and chefs was from the Alp region of France in Chamonix. I knew I needed to see and share.

For over 18 seasons I packed my bags and took small groups to the South of France. We lived in the former home of Julia Child. The past 5 seasons I have rented a 17th century villa, and this year Julia's former home is up for sale. An end of an era. I hosted about 150 in the home over the years.. We are in our final stages of booking 2016 dates as we only have 2 spots left and will not be adding a week. If you are interested, please email as soon as possible. .

I am so proud that I have 2 former tour goers coming back for yet another week in the South of France.  


Last week I created Tapas outside on the outdoor set. Here are the recipes. 

Sangria Blanca

Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Cold Tomato Soup

White Bean Salad

I am back next week for National Cheesecake Day! July 30th.. 9am Live on SDLiving CW6.. Recipes here afterwards! 

Father's Day by George Geary

Monday on SDLiving I will be doing a special show for Dad's.. Mainly my dad!

Here is a rare picture of us.. Mom really didn't let Dad hold us.. In fact some didn't think we had legs that worked! Father's Day is a tough day for gifts.. You try to get something useful yet fun.. So I came up years ago with a blend of Cinnamon Sugar that dad likes on his buttered toast in the mornings.. I packaged it and put lables with this picture.. Wala! A perfect personal gift.. We will be making this and also a Steak/Rub rub. Also some of Dad's Favorite Chocolate Desserts!

Join me on SDLiving Tomorrow LIVE at 9am.. Here are the recipes...

Dad's Cinnamon

Dad's Steak Rub

Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies 


See you on the HAL Flagship... The ms Amsterdam on Sunday out of Seattle.. Heading to Alaska for a week! 

We are 1/2 full for France 2016.. Will you be coming with us? It maybe our last weeks in the villas for a while.. 

SDLiving. It's St. Patty's Day! by George Geary

St. Patty's Day! 

Tomorrow morning I will be making two desserts for the show. Check out SDLiving for my segment! Live at 9am on the CW6 in San Diego!

If you do not get the show or are not in aht area you can catch it later in the day on their website here: Show

Here are the recipes:

Baileys Chocolate Cherry Cake

Pistachio Cream Pie



Here is information on France 2016! 

Thanksgiving Appetizers on SDLiving! by George Geary

Jarlsberg Cheese and Honey Ridge Farms on SDLiving Friday November 14th!

Using two of my favorite products! Jarlsberg Cheese that you can find in Deli sections of your supermarket.. Honey Ridge Farms ( can be purchased online and in a group of stores listed on their website. 


The World's Best Deviled Eggs with Jarlsberg

Cheese Spriced Honey Baguettes


I will be on live at 9am top of the show with a beverage! 

We still have room for out Los Angeles Market Tour leaving San Diego on Sunday Morning for the day. for info. 

Also, France 2015 is still open. for information.






SDLiving... Pumpkin Day on the Set by George Geary

I am in North Carolina today and on Monday I will be LIVE on the set at the CW6 in San Diego! This tour has been a few weeks and I will be home for a few days packed with TV classes and laundry! Then off to Chicago, Indiana and New York. 

Here are the recipes for Monday's Show. I will be teaching the Pecan Pumpkin Soup on air.. the rest.. Just sitting on the table looking good!


Toasted Pecan Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Kalula Pie

Pumpkin Cookies

If you do not receive my newsletter email me at to get on the list! 

SD Living: WTF: Cheesecake Day by George Geary

WTF: "What The Food Day!"

Today on San Diego Living We celebrated National Cheesecake Day.. And who else besides me.. The author of two cheesecake books and former cheesecake maker for The Golden Girls. In past Blogs I have talked and told stories of the days making pastry and foods for many Paramount Shows and also over at Ren-Mar Stages a few blocks away.

Here are the Recipes from Today's Show:

Watermelon Rum Coolers

The Golden Girls Cheesecake (Season 3)

Mini Cheesecakes


Link to Classes and Tours in San Diego: Great News


The first week sold out so we added another week of Food in France! Here is the information! 


Link to my France 2015 Food, Art and Photography Tour  

SD Living National Fondue Day and Selfies! by George Geary

Here is today's crazy show from SD Living.. Marc learned how to do “selfies” on the news for his new Facebook Page.. SO I then had to get into the action and get one of Heather, he and I as we wrapped up Valentines Day with George.

I started out with making a Chocolate Strawberry Martini, Then Raspberry Semi-Sweet Fondue and last but not least White Chocolate Macadamia Fondue.. Here also is a recipe for my Peppermint Marshmallows.


SD Living is on the CW Monday-Friday in San Diego California.

Here is the link to my segment.  (The picture is not of me strangling Marc.. we are doing the selfie)

Happy New Year! Jarlsberg Cheese on SD Living! by George Geary

Happy New Year! In a few days we will ring in a new year. Tomorrow I will be doing my New Years Eve Segment on Jarlsberg Cheese and also Hibiscus Flowers. Here are the links to the recipes. Pictures will follow after the show.

If you are in the San Diego area. The show is on the CW6 SD Living at 9am.

White Chocolate Hibiscus Mist Drink 

Roasted Garlic and Onion Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

Caramelized Onion Jarlberg Bruschetta

Jarlsberg Cheese Red Pepper Salsa



Day 5: The Favors of Christmas… Hibiscus! & SD Living in the AM by George Geary

Holidays are all about the color red and green! Looking at this festive drink it just puts you into the mood!

Tuesday morning I will be doing my Holiday segment for SD Living. I know some of you are outside the area so after the broadcast I will put the show up here on the blog. 

The Favor is Hibiscus! Red Ruby Hibiscus flowers make up this Hibiscus Cranberry Margarita that the glass was rimmed with Hibiscus salts.

The second recipe is Hibiscus Pots De Creme.


If you do not have a BevMo close by, here is a link for the flowers.. I also will highlight a New Years Eve Drink on SD Living the 27th using the flowers.


Contest! Ok.. How would you like to win a bag of the salt and a jar of the flowers? The tenth person to email me at with the correct answer. What country are the flowers from? Wins!

Tomorrows Flavor is: Vanilla!

Also, anyone needing any personalized cookbooks.. Get your order in NOW so you get them for Christmas! STORE