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"CC" Chocolate Chip Cookies by George Geary

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nestle Toll House Cookies. It was probably the very first recipe you ever made. I bet you do not even have the recipe in your memory bank or written down since you know it will be on the back of the 12oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips. I don’t think I have purchased a bag of those chips since 1985 (About the time that they stopped melting in the cookie dough and just roll out of the dough when you break a cookie in half). I created a recipe that is a little off the norm… “CC” stands for Chewy and Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookies. Read my entire post and shopping tips before you make these.

I always say in my classes..” If you have the best ingredients and tools you can make anything perfect”. The differences in a good cookie and an award winning cookie is the ingredients I use. In the recipe I have placed hyperlinks as to the best items I use. Here is a list and why.

Silpat: These are silicone mats that you make your cookies on. The first came from France. When I worked in my first French ran kitchen the pastry chef had one since they were $50 at the time. They do last a life time.

Half-Sheet Bun Pan: These will fit in most all ovens. They have sides so the cookies will not fall off when you pull them out of the oven. Heavy duty thickness they will last forever. Get a few sets! The Silpats fit perfectly in them.

#20 Disher: Also known as a portion scoop. The number is in the “flipper” which means how many scoops you get out of a quart of something like ice cream or mashed potatoes. DO not use these as ice cream scoops as the flippers will break. The come in sizes 6 to 100. a number 100 is very small.. enough for a bonbon.

Belgium Chocolate Chunks: Pastry chefs have been using these for years. We melt the chunks down for icings and desserts. They are pricy.. But you are worth a real chocolate chunk.

Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract: Ok. let’s face it. Vanilla is skyrocketing. By the time you buy a bottle the price will change in a day or two. Nielsen-Massey is the best on earth unless you make your own from beans that you have harvested in the jungles in Madagascar (Ok I have done this). Honestly, for the full flavor if you use another vanilla you will not get that perfect cookie. And seriously… You use less than 20 cents per batch. It is just the initial outlay.

Nielsen-Massey Pure Almond Extract:: A few years back N-M started making extracts. Lemon, Orange, Cinnamon.. Almond. Not fake tasting what’s so ever. Try all of them!


I hope you enjoy the cookies.. While most of the nation is under a very cold spell and here in California we have something coming out of the sky that they call “Rain”. Stay safe!


Lemon 🍋 Drizzle Tea Cakes by George Geary

A very moist two-bite tart lemon tea cake! 

To make these fantastic bites just like a pastry chef you need to invest in Silicone pan/molds. They are easy to use and store even easier then a metal pan. They also have many uses such as baking, freezing, creating butter molds, ice cubes and an array of baked goods. When baking I suggest that you use a spray with flour (Such as BakersJoy or Pam with flour. Place on a baking sheet to bake on, not directly on the oven rack. Spray the molds and after the baking wait 10 minutes and then pop out onto a bakers rack. Hand wash the silicones. 

Here is one of them. Here is the link for Amazon:  Silicone Molds

Here is one of them. Here is the link for Amazon: Silicone Molds

Have a great Labor Day! 



SDLiving Christmas Show.. Tomorrow by George Geary

SDLiving Tomorrow.. Holiday Brunch Ideas

December 23rd, 9am.. CW6.... Here are the recipes..

I decided to make a Savory Corn Muffin and a Vegetable Frittata. If you can not join me LIVE in the morning I will post the show after it airs...

Mushroom Onion Frittata

Savory Corn Muffins

We have only 1 room left for France 2017.. When that room is gone they are all gone.. Unless someone wants to book a full week with 8 of your closest friends and the villa is open. If you are interested in the last room or a full week email me at

If I do not hear from you before 2016.. Have a great Christmas and New Year.. I am off to Berlin for New Years.. Cheers! 






SDLiving.. Live on Monday Pecan Pie! by George Geary

Pecan Pie Day!

November 23rd is Pecan Pie Day at SDLiving. I will be on LIVE first at the top of the hour (9am on the CW6) creating a drink. Then later in the hour I will create The Best Pecan Pie and flaky crust!  

Here are the recipes:

Pecan Pie Martini

Pecan Pie Bars

Pecan Pie

Flaky Crust

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots of PIE!   -----George 

National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day! by George Geary

Who Knew?

I checked my twitter (#chefgeary) feed this morning and had my Pumpkin Maple Cheesecake on their site for the National Day! 

Here it is: Cookstr

2 spots left for May 2015 France.. Info here: FRANCE 2015. We added a professional Photographer to help us in everything pictures! 

I will be doing my show LIVE on Monday October 27th, 2014 on San Diego Living.. CW6.. I will post the recipes and the show after broadcast! Its all abotu Pumpkin's!



SDLiving...Apples for Fall? by George Geary

Today in San Diego it was going to be close to 100F. I returned from Norway and The Netherlands on Monday and jumped back to my food segments in San Diego...

Here are the recipes from this mornings segments. It was National Chocolate Shake Day to I made the same shake as last year packed for Mark the news anchor. He loves the octane!  

Also, make fresh applesauce! It your slow cooker! and these applesauce cupcakes with icing! 



Also, I have a few spots for France 2015! email me at for information! 



SD Living National Fondue Day and Selfies! by George Geary

Here is today's crazy show from SD Living.. Marc learned how to do “selfies” on the news for his new Facebook Page.. SO I then had to get into the action and get one of Heather, he and I as we wrapped up Valentines Day with George.

I started out with making a Chocolate Strawberry Martini, Then Raspberry Semi-Sweet Fondue and last but not least White Chocolate Macadamia Fondue.. Here also is a recipe for my Peppermint Marshmallows.


SD Living is on the CW Monday-Friday in San Diego California.

Here is the link to my segment.  (The picture is not of me strangling Marc.. we are doing the selfie)

NBCs Daytime.. Thanksgiving Show.. by George Geary

Monday on NBCs Daytime (from Tampa) I will be showing you how to make Thanksgving Desserts using the BeaterBlade! Here are the recipes: RECIPES 

Here is a link for the station close to you. Check it out! LINK for 140 Markets!  and Dish Network on 266.

Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake

Roasted Pecan Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins  

Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie by George Geary

The Fall...

I just returned from the Grand Asia cruise aboard the ms. Amsterdam. I started in Guam, sailed to Saipan, Kobe Japan, Shanghai China and Hong Kong. It was remarkable! But today I am in the South on a teaching tour. We made Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie. After I posted a picture and numerous emails later requesting the recipe I decided to post it here for you. Enjoy and make sure you make two as it will be gone in a flash!  

Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Pie



It's Almost Labor Day! Glazed Lemon Cookie Time by George Geary

I was a little surprised to find out that a number of school districts started back a few weeks ago. We went from the second Wednesday of September to the second week of June. One week off at Easter (Oh we can't say that.. I mean Spring Break) and two weeks at Christmas (Woops... Again I can't say that I mend Winter break) And a few other holidays like Thanksgiving (Can I say that?). Lincoln's Birthday, Memorial Day, Etc... If I would have known I would have supplied you with this cookie recipe! I also use to to grind down for my lemon cheesecake... 

Enjoy! Recipe

PS: I have some of my books on my site if you are looking for them to purchase: Books

Also, we only have a few spots left for the May 2014 France Tour. Check it out: Tour

Christmas Cookie Segment by George Geary

December 12th, 2012.. 12-12-12

This morning I am on the SD Living Show doing my segment. Christmas Cookies! Here are the recipes. Also, I will be sending out daily recipes for a few weeks. Make sure you are on my mailing list. Submit your email information on the Home page of my site.

Cookie Baking Hints       Quadruple Chocolate Cookies

Sprinkle Sugar Cookies   Cherry Almond Spritz Cookies


Now get ready to Bake! George

Pecan Cake with Pecan Praline Glaze by George Geary

Its Monday. Thursday is "Feast" day! The last few weeks I was teaching in the Midwest (Ohio, IL and IN) fall pastry classes and a few donut classes too. Today I made 3 pumpkin pecan cheesecakes for the Thursday feast. I am going to drive to Napa area to have dinner with some friends and their family. Fall in Napa is a crisp time of year... Maybe I will bring some apples home!

Here is a Pecan Cake with the richest glaze. Next week be looking for my huge newsletter packed with holiday goodness!

Have a great Thanksgiving! 

Pecan Cake 

Cooks Warehouse Classes Oct 26-29th! by George Geary

You can register for classes at or phone 800-449-0996

Friday: October 26th: 6:30-9:30pm  Brookhaven Location


Friday Night Date Night Dinner Party                                         Hands On

 Learn together as a couple how to produce a dinner party for your friends. Lots of techniques, fun and great flavorful food. With this full menu you will learn who does what in your kitchen and how to time your prep time so you can enjoy the party too.

Menu: Fromage Fort with Crusty Garlic Brushed Baguette, Crispy Chicken Cakes with Dill Mayonnaise, Prawn Salad with Roasted Eggplant, BBQ French Herbed Salmon, Roasted Herb New Potatoes, Snap Beans with Beurre Noir and Moulton Chocolate Cakes with Chantilly Crème.

October 27th, 2012               10:30am-1:30pm                            Midtown Location

Deep Rich Chocolate ~ Back to the Basics                             Hands On

Every baker should have each of these recipes in their repertory. George is the former pastry chef for the Walt Disney Co and would create many new desserts for the guests. Now you can too

Menu: Blackout Cake with Poured Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie in a Flakey Crust, Chocolate Mud Bars with Frosting, Italian Chocolate Biscotti and Mini Chocolate Baked Donuts with Raspberry Sauce.

October 28th, 2012               1:00pm-4:00pm             Decatur Location

Cake Baking 101                                                      Hands On

No More Boxes! Cake mixes have so many preservatives. Make these fresh and simple cakes that will delight your family. You will learn the proper way to mix, bake and ice cakes like a professional.

Menu: Rich Devils Food with a Fudge Frosting, Hummingbird Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Banana Chip Bundt Cake with a poured Glaze, Red Velvet Cake with a 7 minute Frosting and Snow White Cake with a Toasted Coconut Frosting.


 October 29th, 2012               7:00pm-9:00pm                               East Cobb Location

Say Cheesecake!                                                                           Demonstration

George is the author of two award winning cheesecake cookbooks. You have seen his cheesecakes in the 1980s from the Emmy winning Golden Girls Show. Learn how to make great prefect sweet and savory cheesecakes with ease.

Menu: Chipotle Chile Cheesecake, Taco Cheesecake, The Golden Girls Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake Bars and Lemon Curd Cheese Pie. 

All Chocolate! by George Geary

Texas.. & Chocolate !

I am here in Texas for a whirlwind tour.. 5 classes, 5 cities, 4 car rentals, over 200 students, 4 hotels and 6 air flights, 2 different airlines flying thousands of miles.. in 5 days! Yes.. 5 Days! It has been a few years since I have been here teaching in Texas and it was great last night seeing so many past students. 

Here is a great fast easy recipe we made last night. 

Chocolate Pots de Creme