Happy New Year! Jarlsberg Cheese on SD Living! by George Geary

Happy New Year! In a few days we will ring in a new year. Tomorrow I will be doing my New Years Eve Segment on Jarlsberg Cheese and also Hibiscus Flowers. Here are the links to the recipes. Pictures will follow after the show.

If you are in the San Diego area. The show is on the CW6 SD Living at 9am.

White Chocolate Hibiscus Mist Drink 

Roasted Garlic and Onion Jarlsberg Cheese Dip

Caramelized Onion Jarlberg Bruschetta

Jarlsberg Cheese Red Pepper Salsa



National Cheesecake Day! Tuesday July 30th, 2013 by George Geary

Herbed Garden Cheesecake

Today on SD Living I will show you all how to make a simple yet fun savory cheesecake. Perfect for any party or a picnic.. Something different.. I use two great cheeses besides the cream cheese to create a flavorful cheesecake. Jarlsberg and Woolwich Dairy Cheddar. You can pikc these up at Sam's Club, Gelson's, Henry's, Whole Foods and many other great markets. Ask for it!


Jarlsberg Website

Wooldwich Dairy

The Recipe


Cooks Warehouse Classes Oct 26-29th! by George Geary

You can register for classes at or phone 800-449-0996

Friday: October 26th: 6:30-9:30pm  Brookhaven Location


Friday Night Date Night Dinner Party                                         Hands On

 Learn together as a couple how to produce a dinner party for your friends. Lots of techniques, fun and great flavorful food. With this full menu you will learn who does what in your kitchen and how to time your prep time so you can enjoy the party too.

Menu: Fromage Fort with Crusty Garlic Brushed Baguette, Crispy Chicken Cakes with Dill Mayonnaise, Prawn Salad with Roasted Eggplant, BBQ French Herbed Salmon, Roasted Herb New Potatoes, Snap Beans with Beurre Noir and Moulton Chocolate Cakes with Chantilly Crème.

October 27th, 2012               10:30am-1:30pm                            Midtown Location

Deep Rich Chocolate ~ Back to the Basics                             Hands On

Every baker should have each of these recipes in their repertory. George is the former pastry chef for the Walt Disney Co and would create many new desserts for the guests. Now you can too

Menu: Blackout Cake with Poured Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie in a Flakey Crust, Chocolate Mud Bars with Frosting, Italian Chocolate Biscotti and Mini Chocolate Baked Donuts with Raspberry Sauce.

October 28th, 2012               1:00pm-4:00pm             Decatur Location

Cake Baking 101                                                      Hands On

No More Boxes! Cake mixes have so many preservatives. Make these fresh and simple cakes that will delight your family. You will learn the proper way to mix, bake and ice cakes like a professional.

Menu: Rich Devils Food with a Fudge Frosting, Hummingbird Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, Banana Chip Bundt Cake with a poured Glaze, Red Velvet Cake with a 7 minute Frosting and Snow White Cake with a Toasted Coconut Frosting.


 October 29th, 2012               7:00pm-9:00pm                               East Cobb Location

Say Cheesecake!                                                                           Demonstration

George is the author of two award winning cheesecake cookbooks. You have seen his cheesecakes in the 1980s from the Emmy winning Golden Girls Show. Learn how to make great prefect sweet and savory cheesecakes with ease.

Menu: Chipotle Chile Cheesecake, Taco Cheesecake, The Golden Girls Cheesecake, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake Bars and Lemon Curd Cheese Pie. 

The Big Southern Tour by George Geary

Next week I will be starting on my BIG Southern Tour.

Atlanta, GA (3 locations) , Birmingham, AL and Hattiesburg, MS.I love the south.. The foods are rich with history and flavor. I have a couple of classes that I am going back to my “roots” recipes I had developed at my first culinary job in Hollywood. And also a class on the World Famous Brown Derby. I purchased a cookbook that was printed in the 1930’s so the recipes are full of flavor and cream! Check my first page on this website for information on all 5 classes.

Tomorrow I am headed down to San Diego to teach a sold outclass. When I put together classes I start with the subject of the class and then go from there. I thought.. Shall I dare? Do a class on the most over rated, over cookbook-produced subject of the past 3 years? Well lets do it.. Lets see if I can get a few people.. No not a few.. SOLD OUT with 60! Cupcakes. Yep.. I caved.. Cupcakes. I will have over 300 cupcakes all lined up. This weekend I made chocolate clay carrots and white rose buds. I will put some pictures up later this week.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday I am headed into Santa Monica (where I was born) to a cheese shop to learn to make Mozzarella. I have made soft cheeses before but would like to see the masters do it. When I took an Italian Food Tour of New Jersey last year I was surprised at all of the different flavors of the mozz. Each very unique!

Be looking for pictures this week via #chefgeary (twitter) and Facebook!

Cupcakes, Cheese and New Orleans at the end of the week.. Oh Boy!