SDLiving: Car Picnics LIVE / by George Geary

San Diego Living: Thursday Feburary 27th

What a day at the station! My segment was on car picknics as the Fallbrook Car Collectors brought a number of vintage cars.. I set up my demo n the backlot of the station so we had to use  the sunlight. At 9am it was already 70F. My car prop behind me was a blue and white Metropolitan. I created a number of dishes and an adult beverage.. Here are the recipes and also a clip from the show for you to watch that live out of the SD area or have a job at 9am in the mornings!

Here is the show: SDLiving



Recipes from the show:

Adult Root Beer Floats

Deli Potato Herb Salad

Curry Chicken Salad

Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting


Have a great week and see you all soon!