Pie for Leeza.. Green Room Talk by George Geary

From Daytime to KTLA:

The green room is where all of the action is... Not the on air area at all. Last week while on NBC Daytime in Tampa in walked Jane Lynch a few steps behind were a few more people..  They stood there for a moment and I said.. Oh are you Jane's Publicist? (Insert foot in mouth here).. Ah. no I am Kate Flannery.. (OK I never saw the show The Office but I guess she was big there). But then I thought.. she does not know me either.. 

Today while waiting around for my segment I was with Leeza Gibbons and a few others.. Leeza and I talked about how she was having 40 over for Thanksgiving and I dont think she knew I cooked.. So we talked about my Pumpkin Kahlua Pie.. She was wanting me to whip up a pie right then and there! Here is the recipe.. 

I am leaving tomorrow morning (Thanksgiving) back to Tampa. I am going to be joining the ms. Oosterdam on a 14 day cruise of the Caribbean. This will be my last cruise. 8 years of the ships has come to an end.. 

Recipe for my Pumpkin Kahlua Pie 

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Thanksgiving Appetizers on SDLiving! by George Geary

Jarlsberg Cheese and Honey Ridge Farms on SDLiving Friday November 14th!

Using two of my favorite products! Jarlsberg Cheese that you can find in Deli sections of your supermarket.. Honey Ridge Farms ( can be purchased online and in a group of stores listed on their website. 


The World's Best Deviled Eggs with Jarlsberg

Cheese Spriced Honey Baguettes


I will be on live at 9am top of the show with a beverage! 

We still have room for out Los Angeles Market Tour leaving San Diego on Sunday Morning for the day. for info. 

Also, France 2015 is still open. for information.






SD Living Thanksgiving 2013 Show by George Geary

Today I was on SD Living... LIVE.. Yesterday I was on 140 markets of the country.. "taped" from Tampa, FL.. Funny Two coasts, Two shows in Two days.. How does he do it?  

Here are the recipes from todays show..  

Pumpkin Kahlua Pecan Pie with a Flaky Crust, Pumpkin Praline Cheesecake, Apple, Ginger Rum Punch.

Pumpkin Recipe 

Cheesecake Recipe

Apple Ginger Rum Punch Recipe 

Here is the show if you would like to view it: SHOW

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving! Cheers! George