SDLiving Pre-Election Show.. Appetizers! / by George Geary

It has been quite a very long election season! Tomorrow I will be doing my segment on SDLiving Live at 9am on Appetizers.. Plus a very quick drink. Please everyone VOTE. Prior to being old enough to vote I worked on state campaigns, when I was 13 years old. I loved the process. I knocked on doors.. In my 20s I got back on the trails and stood and registered people to vote. Many propositions were infringing on human rights... Everyone knows how much I travel. Since October 1st, I have been in 14 states, teaching, morning shows and book signing.. If I can vote you can too. I have not missed one election since my 18th birth!  

Try these.

Raspberry Prosecco Cooler

Bullock's Wilshire Tea Room Chicken Cantonese Salad

Honey Sriracha Wings with Dill Sauce