Banana Chocolate Chip Cake by George Geary

A very moist and flavorful cake.. I like to use very very ripe bananas that are very dark. The sugars come up and wow.. so much flavor. Use any kind of Bundt tube pan for this recipe.

A trick I tell all of my students when you are making a Bundt cake… No need to grease and flour the pans as it is too difficult to get into all of the cracks and crevasses.. Spray pan with a non-stick spray. After the cake has completely baked, set a timer for exactly 10 minutes. Then invert directly on a cooking rack. The pan will lift off perfectly.

Lavender Stamped Butter Cookies by George Geary

I wanted you to learn about two things with my recipe this week. The use of Lavender and rolling pins from Turkey. This past weekend I was invited to a TV viewing party in West Hollywood. I could not go empty handed, I took a box of homemade cookies. When you never know what to take try something small and cute.. A box of cookies. 



Here is the recipe for the Shortbreads.

Lavender Sugar: I make my own really. But in Southern California we have Keys Creek Lavender Farm. They sell at some of the farmers markets around San Diego and Temecula. Plus online. Here is their Website: Keys Creek Lavender  

Rolling Pins: You all MUST take a look at these phenomenal. Do not let the shipping from Turkey worry you. I purchase many and they get here ok. And you use your PayPal account. They will make your cookies a work of art! Rolling Woods 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

European Butter Cookies.. by George Geary

Ah..Meyer Lemon Butter Cookies.

This past weekend was a "nature" weekend. It was sunny about 80F here in SoCal. We took a little "road trip" to the wild flowers.. The hills were packed with so many varieties of flowers! With all of the rain we have had the hills exposed their beauty for us!

After the flowers then off to California Historical Citrus State Park.  It is a MUST visit stop. They have tours of the farms and all of the citrus. This time of year the aroma is intoxicating..  You also come home with a sample bag of the varieties! Afterwards I purchased 30 pounds of oranges.. A cross between Navel and Blood. Jams will be made this week!

Here is the recipe for the butter cookies..Recipe for Butter Cookies

A few years back I came across a rolling pin company that made embossed pins.. They are out of Poland.. But they ship to the states! Take a look at Rolling Woods Store.

Rolling Woods Etsy Store:

Until next time..

SDLiving Tomorrow! St. Paddy's Day by George Geary

The Countdown begins... I have not posted too much about the end of the SDLiving Show on the CW6 in San Diego.. This is my last St. Paddy's Day Show. I started morning shows in 1993. The year I left Disney. It was also the year the launched The Food Network. I was a regular on ABCs Mike and Maty in the 90s.. That was a 3 year run.. I have been doing this show for about 7 years.. I will have to look at the first thing I made..  I created a segment called WTF Day.. (What The Food) Day.. every day has some sorts of food attached to it.. If we didn't have an idea as to a segment we would look into what food day it was... I was so happy to always do National Cheesecake Day.. So I could highlight my book and cheesecakes! 

Here are the recipes for tomorrow.. Until next week! (The SDLiving Show signs off on the last day of the month). If any of you are a friend on Facebook.. I will be doing LIVE tomorrow while I set up my show around 8:15 am PDT.


Shamrock Shake for Adults

Drunken Pistachio Cake

Pistachio Cheesecake

Guinness Cupcakes with Cream Icing

It's Pretzel Time by George Geary


Pretzels have had a religious story for years. Within the Catholic Church, pretzels were regarded as having religious significance for both ingredients and shape. The knot shape has been claimed to represent hands in prayer. Pretzels made with a simple recipe using only flour and water could be eaten during Lent. We just celebrated Thanksgiving here in America and I thought a nice yeast pretzel would be nice for you to try out. Here is a easy simple recipe. Make sure your yeast is fresh! Next Friday I will be on SDLiving doing my segment on Fast and Easy Appetizers for the holidays.. When people drop in or your in a rush! You will not want to miss it. If you do.. I will post the recipes here later in the week. 

Soft Pretzels! 

Tiki Day on SDLiving! by George Geary

August 13th.. on SDLiving... We go to the islands! Live at 9am on CW6. If you are not in San Diego you can check it out on thier site after the broadcast at: 

I created a super moist flavorful pound cake for last year. (Check out the site for more of my recipes.. Just search under my name)

Here it is:

Mojito Rum Tea Cake with Glaze

Also you need an appetizer..

Fast and Easy Island Shrimp. 

Cookie Time.. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds! by George Geary

Last weekend I went to the Temecula Farmers Market looking around for new fresh items of the season. Red Walnuts and Lavender Buds for cooking.  The walnuts were a bright hue of red that do not loose their color when baking. If you are not close to this farmers market you can get them from Amazon.

Notice the pure color that does not look like they are just dyed.

I made Red Walnut Oatmeal cookies that turned out terrific! Here is the recipe:

Red Walnut Oatmeal Cookies 

Keys Creek Lavender Farm up the road from Temecula has a table filled with the only organic certified farm for lavender around. The farm used to be open to the public, but now only if you are attending a class or function. Their Linen spray is the best on the market and made at the farm. I purchased the food grade buds to make lavender sugar and to decorate the cookies.

Have you even purchased something from I was looking around at rolling pins and found these remarkable tools from Rolling Woods: They even make to order.. They are out of Poland, but no worries if you order with Paypal.. My pins arrived within 3 weeks from ordering! Rolling Woods

I made Lavender Butter Cookies using the Lavender buds and European butter:

Lavender Shortbread Cookies 


Lastly,  I am a sucker for a good Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love how these turned out with the soft inside and outside with a little crunch. They also look like ones my grandmother made..


Rich Chocolate Chip Cookies







Thursday is National Cheesecake Day.. Post coming soon.. I will be on LIVE CW6 San Diego Living.. Tune in.. 9am! 


SD Living... April 23rd, 2014.. by George Geary

I just returned from Africa and Europe... Today's show will focus on sweets to make ahead for a "Girl's Night Out/In". 

Here are the recipes and I will post the complete show when it is aired. 

Blood Orange Sangria

Sinful Kahlua Brownies

Banana Creme Cupcakes 

Next week I am heading to the South of France for my 19th season of tours! Ihave already started the prebooking for 2015. It will be a week in May.. If interested email me here: I am already 1/3 sold out! 

Day 9: The Flavors of Christmas.. Eggnog by George Geary

Eggnog! I purchase the liquid gold from the only dairy left in Los Angeles. At one point LA has 22 dairies with cows.. Now only one is left with the cows outside of the city limits. Today I conducted my Holiday Flower Market Tour from San Diego.. One of our stops we savored the eggnog! Its a difficult product to get outside of the LA area.. But here is the information.. Broguiere Dairy in Montebello. 323-726-0524. Its teh fourth generation French family that produces many milk products.


Todays recipes are eggnog cookies and eggnog cheesecake.  Enjoy!

EggNog Cookies 

EggNog Cheesecake

Day 6: The Flavors of Christmas…. Vanilla! by George Geary


Only second in line to Chocolate.. (Notice how this entire 12 days started with Chocolate?). I have enclosed a simple custard recipe. Also, I want everyone to make their own vanilla extract. I have attached a few pages on facts of this only edible orchid plant and some stories of the vanilla regions I have been fortunate to tour and visit.

Also, if you make your own vanilla, you need the perfect bottles! I have found them and below is the link for those. And a great price! 

Tomorrows flavor is...Butter! And I just purchased 5 pounds of european butter today! 

Here is the link to the Hibiscus Holiday Show I did for SD Living: LINK

Vanilla Facts Vanilla Extract Vanilla Custards

6 beautiful bottles! You will want to start making my Limonchello (recipe on this blog).

Holiday Recipes…. Soft Ginger Cookies by George Geary

It's Fall... I love all of the spices and aromas that make up the fall/holiday time. Here is a spiced cooking that is very soft. I use two kinds of ginger in the recipe.

If you are looking at your spice cabinet and thinking.. I need new spices.. Then check out The Spice House out of Chicago area. They ship and its work every cent! When you open a jar of spices you will begin to notice the freshness right away.  

The Spice House


Secondly, I have a few spaces for my May 2014 trip to the south of France. If you are interested please email me at

France Information


Here is the recipe for these great cookies: Recipe

Also, make sure you have signed up for my daily recipe for the 12 days of Christmas.. 

Do me a favor and repost this and or send to your foodie friends.. They may just gice you my France Trip as a gift!





Lemons.. Limonchello by George Geary

I have posted this recipe before. But I have had so many requests this week. The past holiday week I was the opening act/speaker  for Camp Blogaway.. It's a two day fast intensive camp on blogging and writing. I spoke about cookbooks with my publicist Trina Kay. Saturday night I broke out the two bottles of "chello" Cara Cara Orange and Lemon..  I like to use it in drinks (re: Lemon Drops, Just a little in a shot glass, etc) or as part of my Lemon Triffle.

Here it is.. and make sure you make a double batch!

Limonchello Recipe

Also here is my award winning France Tour information: Brochure 

See you on the TV, a class or a Culinary Tour soon! 

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It's Spring for Strawberries! by George Geary

The World of Strawberries... Glace Them!

For ten years most of you know I was the Corporate Chef for Driscoll's Berries Associates. I learned so much and was able to teach it in my classes. I attended a 3 day event in Watsonville, CA that they call " Driscoll University" From packaging of the berries to picking a flat and the judging of the product. You also learned how the berries go from field to home..

First the long stem berry... Its called the King Berry. only one comes from the plant and its normally the first berry off of the plant. I used to think that a long stemmed berry was made up of a careful picker that would cut the berry further of the plant.

Water damages berries! Do not wash your berries until right before you need to use them.

For every hour berries are out of refrigeration, you loose one day of freshness. Berries will last about 8 days if they are stored correctly. I act like berries are like ice cream! Place into a single layer on a tray into your fridge.

Here is a recipe for Glace Berries. I made them in Dayton, OH at Dorothy Lane Market. You can use these as decoration on a cake.


Recipe for Glace Berries 

Indiana! Here I come... by George Geary

Rarely do I have room in any of my classes in Indiana.. Here are some links for upcoming classes:

Pucker Up: It’s the Lemons

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The Sweet Life: Desserts of the 80s TV Shows

April 24th, 2013 6:30pm

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