Academy Awards Segment on CBS8 San Diego by George Geary


Sunday is the day that Hollywood Goes Crazy! I was out on Hollywood Blvd last week, about a block from the theater that houses the awards.. The street was closed and everyone was getting ready for the big night.. I will be on CBS8 San Diego on Friday doing my segment on the Awards dinner. Here are the recipes for the show. All of them have something to do with “Old Hollywood” I hope you enjoy!

Chicken Piccata

Chicken Piccata

Sour Cream Raisin Biscuits

Sour Cream Raisin Biscuits

Berries Romanoff

Berries Romanoff


Chicken Piccata: A great dish from the famed Dan Tana’s on Santa Monica BLvd. This is where so many stars go out after.

Sour Cream Raisin Biscuits: Award Winner Clark Gable’s Favorite! He would order them from The Brown Derby.. They even catered his 40th Birthday and served them!

Strawberries Romanoff: Romanoffs is where you went to be seen. Swifty Lazar used to have his annual party here prior to Spagos

Canola Taco Popcorn: I created this for an event n Hollywood for Canola Oil. Enjoy!

It's Spring for Strawberries! by George Geary

The World of Strawberries... Glace Them!

For ten years most of you know I was the Corporate Chef for Driscoll's Berries Associates. I learned so much and was able to teach it in my classes. I attended a 3 day event in Watsonville, CA that they call " Driscoll University" From packaging of the berries to picking a flat and the judging of the product. You also learned how the berries go from field to home..

First the long stem berry... Its called the King Berry. only one comes from the plant and its normally the first berry off of the plant. I used to think that a long stemmed berry was made up of a careful picker that would cut the berry further of the plant.

Water damages berries! Do not wash your berries until right before you need to use them.

For every hour berries are out of refrigeration, you loose one day of freshness. Berries will last about 8 days if they are stored correctly. I act like berries are like ice cream! Place into a single layer on a tray into your fridge.

Here is a recipe for Glace Berries. I made them in Dayton, OH at Dorothy Lane Market. You can use these as decoration on a cake.


Recipe for Glace Berries