WTF Day. (What The Food Day) National Peanut Day! March 15th / by George Geary

It's National Peanut Day! On the morning show I love doing WTF Day.. (What The Food Day). Everyday is a day of some kind of food. Here are my favorite peanut butter cookies. I love to dip them in Belgium Chocolate and some sprinkling of roasted peanuts too.


I grew up in Torrance, CA.  For years we were home to the world's largest mall. Del Amo Fashion Square. Then a mall in Canada and the Mall of America in Minnesota beat us out. Well, I loved this stand called Bob's Ice Cream Bars. The sales ladies wore old time dresses with aprons and funny hats. You could get an ice cream bar that was chocolate or vanilla and they would dip it in a chocolate coating, then you could choose the nuts or jimmies. I always took the roasted peanuts. While I was dipping my cookies, I thought of Bob's Ice Cream Bars. 

Here is the recipe: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

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