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Craftsy! Launch Date October 19th! by George Geary


I spent a week in Denver and had a great time. For those of you that cannot get into my classes or I am not in your area you can sign up! If you have not heard of Craftsy you are missing out. It is a classroom platform on the Internet. Classes are about 2 hours long and in sessions. You can learn at your own pace. You also get recipes, techniques and “hand holding”! The instructors are accessible though email. My class is all about your Food Processor. So many of you have one and don’t use them. I designed the class for you to pull out the processor and use it! Lots of techniques and recipes.. From Soups, appetizers, pizzas to the best Carrot Cake Ever!

For a limited time we are giving a class away. To enter click here: Giveaway

The class launches on October 19th, 2015. Prior to the launch, take a look around and see all of the classes from cooking, photography, knitting and more.. Something for everyone.



Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread by George Geary

Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread

Most of us do not use our food processors enough. The first thing I hear.. "I hate washing it!" OK OK.. so what appliance do you not have to wash? I think its the awkwardness of the parts.. You have a lid that has a tube that falls out and the lid or cover will not sit right, then the blade.. OH that's another storey.. Do not try to take the blade out of the bowl when you are talking and not paying attention.. Yes.. I had to throw away everything. Then you have the bowl.. Lastly the housing that does not get wet. Well. make some appetizers, salsas and spreads with the machine. Stop having it just sit on your counter! If you are in need of more recipes besides this one, I have two books on the subject. 125 Best Food Processor Recipes and 650 Best. All in my store.

Here is the recipe: Zesty Smoked Salmon Spread

My Store: Books personalized and cheesecake/baking pans! 

An Honor for Julia. by George Geary

This past September what would have been Julia Child's Birthday. So many have written, talked and blogged about her. They even made a movie about one blogger.

I was so lucky to have worked a number of times with her at events from Teaching underprevliged kids how to make pies to opening new cooking schools as the ribbon cutters. We traveled from Texas to San Francisco together..

Many of you know I conduct Culinary tours of her former home in the South of France. Well this picture is her childhood home in the Suburb of Los Angeles in Pasadena.

I will be the guest speaker this upcoming Saturday for the Pasadena Hertitage Group. I will be talking about the many times Julia and I worked together (funny never in the kitchen). Also a display of some of the tools I was given and my collection of autogaphed cookbooks and covers of magazines. We will also be serving appitzers fitting as to what Julai would have served. Simple yet elegant. This is a closed event for the Hertitage Associates. But if you would like to join them the website is: www.pasadenaheritage.org .

If you cant join us, here are a few recipes for Saturday:

Pissaladiere de Nice 

National Watermelon Day! by George Geary

Yes today is National watermelon day.. The problem is that the melons of today taste nothing of the melons of yesteryear.. Since they bio produce the melons without seeds they took the taste with them. I wish that we had flavorful watermelons like years past. Now I understand why when working at Disney they had to request seedless watermelons. (You have to be a few steps ahead of kids.. Eating a wedge of melon on the sky buckets! Not good) Now how does one have a seed spitting contest now? 

I love using watermelon in other ways then just eating.. Here is a wonderful salsa recipe. 

Watermelon Salsa

and Watermelon Rum Punch



The House Of William... by George Geary

Here I am in Sonoma, CA.. a few miles west of Napa.. Full of just as many great wineries.. But no not with a French Laundry.. But it was the house of William. 1956.. Right off of the main plaza of Sonoma, Chuck Williams started his first store William-Sonoma. After trips to France of purchasing beautiful copper pots he decided to start the beginning of his first store. His second store was placed in San Francisco, where most of the shoppers came from. He revolutionized the cooking industry. 

This October he will turn 96. He is one of the greats! I was fortunate to teach in his “Grand Cuisine” stores and also co-guest on the Tom Fitzmorris radio show in New Orleans.. Don’t ask me what we talked about. I was just excited to be sitting next to the icon.

I am here again teaching and sharing the love of food here at Ramekins. It’s a unique location with a number of kitchens, patio and the top level is an Inn with 6 rooms. It’s as close to Tuscany/Provence you can get.  It has been 10 years since I have taught here and this trip I am more in the moment.. Walking the plaza, enjoying the city and the people. Last nights class was Fast and Easy Appetizers from my 650 Best Food Processor Recipes book. Tonight’s Class is on Sauces. Funny. Joannie Weir will be teaching in the kitchen next to mine.. We both for years crisscross the country teaching but never in the same city unless it’s a convention.

Here is a recipe from last night:

Chicken Cakes with Herb Mayo

Julie from class finishing the cakes with the Dill Mayo.