Pesto and More.. by George Geary

The week has been crazy! I packed a dozen jars of jam (Fresh White and Yellow Peach and also Peach Ginger). Then I made a batch of Pesto. Here is the recipe. 

Next Tuesday I will be doing my SD Living Segment. Desserts on the Grill. I will put the recipes up Monday night.. 

George's Pesto Sauce

I used Temecula Roasted Garlic Olive Oil.. One of the stops on our Temecula Foodie Tour.. 

Hope you have a great weekend!



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Pork Lavender Loin with Herbs by George Geary

One of the things I bring back (don't tell customs) from France is Lavender Honey. Its honey that has been created from bees that have pollinated lavender not honey that has been infused with lavender. A big difference!

While conducting my Temecula Tour this past weekend one of the stops is the Lavender Company on Front street. They carry the honey so here is the recipe for Pork Loin.

George Geary Tour INformation for June and July


Recipe for Pork Loin

Norway.... Waffles by George Geary

The Waffles of Norway

I recently returned from a 7 day cruise of The Netherlands and Norway. We started in Rotterdam the home port of Holland America Lines and also the ms. Rotterdam. We sailed to Oslo, the Fjords, Flam and a few places in-between.

Many places served waffles. cold waffles. I am used to a nice crispy hot butter melting waffles. Not the Dutch or Norwegians. They make waffles and stack them up with just a towel on top to keep warm. Served with a nice raspberry compote and thickened cream or sour cream. Here are the waffles I had above Flam, Norway

Norway Waffles

It's All Green... Pistachio Cake with a Sherry Glaze by George Geary

I first made this cake in the early 1980s in a small Hollywood cake bakery called The Cake Walk it was on 3rd street and La Brea in the middle of all of the studios and the action.  Daily we would get filming crews, stars and the like. For weddings the groom would always pick this cake as the base. Funny how you can make a cake and the flavors and aroma of the kitchen take you back to days gone bye.


Here is the glazing of the cake.... We used to boast.. "Glazed with Harvey's Bristol Creme Sherry".. The only bottle of Harvey's was in the display case next to the cake. We used jug sherry at a tenth of the cost. Today I use Galleano Winery Sherry Crema Cask Three.. (Below is the link to order and more information).

Recipe for Pistachio Cake

Galleano Winery Sherry and Website






Banana Pecan Three Layer Cake! The Power of the Internet... by George Geary

Banana Pecan Three Layer Cake

Last night I thought I would bake a cake... I was about to get out the normal 9-inch pans and then decided that a taller version would be oh so much better! I had about 5lbs of over ripe bananas that I kept in the freezer. Time to defrost them! 

After mixing the batter and popping the cakes into the oven I thought I would check out Facebook.. After a short chat with a few friends the buzzer rang... I took the cakes out and placed them on a cooling rack.. Grab the iphone... snap snap.. Posted! Within 5 minutes these pictures went viral! You would have thought it was a star in trouble. No just a pastry chef that has baked for the stars!

The excitement of the posts were overwhelming.. From the high seas of crews around the globe to a colleague in the sky flying 40,000 feet in the air to UK and French friends.. to even my buddy Brian that is serving in Africa in the US Army. I wish I would have had a cake for each of them!

Today I iced and decorated the cakes.. Again. mayhem. This time from a few of my friends that are tv and music stars!

If you want to create mayhem and the world to talk here is the recipe... If you would like to get the pans to make the cake in.. you can order them from my store.. Also check out my new book you can pre-order!

Banana Pecan Cake with Cream Cheese Icing.  


Down Under... Lamb by George Geary

While on the ms Amsterdam on the World Cruise I was in New Zealand last year.. I created a full menu using the flavors of "down under". Here is the recipe from the classes in Florida at Publix last week...

Down Under Lamb

The key to perfect meats is by using an instant read thermometer. Cook meats by temperature not how many minutes per pound.. 

When a sandwich is not just a sandwich! by George Geary

This past season on The Next Food Network Star the winner was 'The Sandwich Guy".. (I am sure just like you.. you give names to people). I thought what a crazy concept.. How hard is it to make a sandwich? I still think that when I see a book all devoted to the subject.. But then again I am sure there is a book on how to make your bed.

Here is a sandwich on the famous Muffiletta from Central Grocery in the French Quarter. Its a filling sandwich that would be nice with a bowl of soup. 

Central Grocery Muffulettas

The Deep South by George Geary

One of the best parts of my career is the traveling to different parts of the world. I never know what I will encounter.  From Labor Day until about the 15th I was in the southern states. Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama.  I spent a weekend getting my 2012 Tour of New Orleans ready (Check out the tour page for the information). Then I headed out on the road trip. First stop Alabama. I had not taught in Alabama since Hurricane Georges went through and canceled my tour in 1998. I was asked to teach in Birmingham, AL. It was a cozy and warm school with a terrific clientele.  While driving in Mississippi on my way to Alabama I stopped at an old general store: The Simmons/Wright Co. It had been built in the 1920s and was still in the same family. Trust me I would not have wanted to eat anything from the store.. The front part was filled with semi-antiques.. (Top and bottom shelves of displays were not for sale). I found the craziest thing on the top level. About 300 prs of shoes in original boxes from the mid-20s.  Crazy I tell you!  I had to purchase something so I got a box of old glass German Christmas ornaments   and a bar of soap made by a local.  I had intended on stopping for a soda or ice cream, but they only thing they sold close was watermelons. 

some of the boxes of shoes....

In Birmingham I taught a Breakfast Brunch Class where we had a terrific cake. The recipe is here: Cinnamon Pecan Coffeecake.

Then off to Atlanta to Cooks Warehouse.. They are currently opening their 4th location in the greater area. I taught 3 hands-on classes. All were very special classes for me. It was historical George Geary I should have called it. One of the classes was based on my first pastry job in LA. We did an array of cakes. I am doing that class again in West Lafayette, IN. After that class I will post all of the recipes for it. Another class was called the Best of the Best. One great recipe from each of my books.

As many of you know my hobby and a passion is saving American architecture. With Frank Lloyd Wright and Los Angeles Conserving being the forefront.  I was please to take a tour of one of the Ustonion  FLW homes in Alabama, then I went off to Jackson, MS where I had a private tour of the Medgar Evers Home  (see the movie Help) arranged by her daughter who is a close friend. It was moving and very touching to see the home.


On my way to the airport I had a few hours so I stopped into Willie Maes Scotch House in the 9th ward of New Orleans for some of the best Fried Chicken around!


Here is another recipe: Banana’s Foster from Brenanas.. Yes. I am on a Southern Food Streak! All week I will be posting more of the great 

Check back next week for a whole lot of recipes! 



New Orleans Culinary Tour 20122 by George Geary

New Orleans 2012:

Last weekend was a little wet from Tropical Storm Lee, in New Orleans.. But it did not stop me from eating and touring the “Big Easy” I finished putting together the 20th anniversary of the New Orleans Tour. Check out all of the excitement we have planned. We have two tours scheduled a two and a three night tour for those that want to stay longer or have time restrictions.  Dinners, tours,, hotels, cooking classes and more are all included in the tour price.

Here is the information:

2012 New Orleans : Full Itinerary

2012 New Orleans: Signup Forms


New Orleans area is packed with regional foods One is sugar and pecans. Here is a recipe of Pralines that you can make at home.

Recipe for :

 Pralines of New Orleans


If you have any questions about the tour please fell free in emailing us at

"Nawlins" "The Big Easy" by George Geary

New Orleans was the first long weekend tour destination for the George Geary Tour Company back in the late 80s. I have returned many times since. New Orleans is a very special city and area of our country filled with culinary history like no other. We will be touring the city in the spring of 2012 dates will be announced next week! To "wet your whistle" here is a recipe from the Cajun Cooking School.. One of the places we go to. 

Pecan Praline Muffins

Happy? Birthday? White Chocolate Rasp Cheesecake by George Geary

As a kid growing up in Southern California I never had a birthday that it rained or even snowed. I was born in June. Yes we do have what’s called June Gloom but normally it’s burned off by noon. As adults it seems we all try yet again to relive our childhood birthdays.  Take Facebook. You post when your date of birth is and a few days prior all of your contacts get a message that it’s your day! I opted out. I feel if you only know me by Facebook and not really personally then I really don’t need to get a mailbox full of 500 happy birthday greetings. I in turn only send a private one out if I really know that person and maybe have shared a piece of cake, dinner or some wine. I was at Denver International this week and a lady taking her time getting her credit card out for a magazine transaction laughed a bit and looked at the long line and said. “Oh I am sorry.. It’s my Birthday..” A few got excited and said.. Happy Birthday! I just wanted to catch my flight. Do people think that they get a free “stupid” pass on their birthdate? I was so so glad that the line in the store didn’t break out in song! In memory of my 4th grade birthday I seemed to have a huge party of probably 20-30 kids. Looking at the picture today. 6.. yes SIX. The memories were large…the attendance was small. Quality!

A number of years ago I surprised a colleague. It was her 50th. I flew from Southern California to Iowa. She was in shock. But I had fun doing it.

Today was a former student of mine. She works at my DDS office. I booked the appointment under a different name and surprised her with her favorite White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. She was worried when the person that was supposed to bring a cake did not show up with one and she got in her mind that a stripper would be coming. Well it was me for a teeth cleaning and a 10-inch cheesecake.

Here is the recipe for you to try. If you love cheesecake check out my store for the Cheesecake Bible. And the pans.. You need a good cheesecake pan.. not a spring form.


White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake   

By the way........... only 4 people on facebook out of almost 900 really knew me and my birthday!  


It's Peachy and a Donut Story by George Geary

While waiting for the donuts for sale I walked around the farmers market and ate my share of peaches. It's amazing how many varieties of peaches are out there. When going to the market tell the farmer what you are doing with the peaches. Canning, pie, just eating.. Some are sweeter, some are for baking where they dont turn to mush (just like apples). Here are a few recipes for the fuzzy fruit. 

Oak Park. IL Saturday Farmers Market

Peach Salsa

Peach and Chilie Chutney

Donut Story?

Every Saturday in the summer the basement of the Pilgrim Church on Lake becomes a whirl wind of activity. The church rotates the use of the kitchen every week but the product is the same.. Some of the best donuts around. Hot and light with a little bit of a spice. They serve 3 varieties. Plain, Powdered and Cinnamon. You line up to indulge in the little cake donuts. They are only .75 cents! When I arrived at 6:30 they were just setting up the chairs for the "donut club" to sit with their weekly donut and coffee. I was the 4th in line. At 7am about 70 people had arrived. They at first did not have the plain. The lady in front of me wanted 4 dozen plain. She was set aside and the line started to move again. The donuts are shoved out in big tubs that hold about 10 dozen. The kitchen is below street level so they use a window to serve them through. I will return!

I could have eaten a dozen! 

Tomorrow I am off to see what the fuss about is at the Donut Vault!



Sour Cream Cheese Brownies by George Geary

Today I was making a batch of Cream Cheese Brownies and 2 batches of Jams: Raspberry and Blackberry. Now I have all of the jams done for the year. Peach and Strawberry to go with the two today.  I did go past the orchards and picked up a huge bag of oranges.. Hummm Orange Marmalade? Got some Lemons too. I think fresh fruit in the kitchen looks great.. 


Here is the Sour Cream Cheese Brownie Recipe for you

National Watermelon Day! by George Geary

Yes today is National watermelon day.. The problem is that the melons of today taste nothing of the melons of yesteryear.. Since they bio produce the melons without seeds they took the taste with them. I wish that we had flavorful watermelons like years past. Now I understand why when working at Disney they had to request seedless watermelons. (You have to be a few steps ahead of kids.. Eating a wedge of melon on the sky buckets! Not good) Now how does one have a seed spitting contest now? 

I love using watermelon in other ways then just eating.. Here is a wonderful salsa recipe. 

Watermelon Salsa

and Watermelon Rum Punch



National Cheesecake Day! And the Golden Girls. by George Geary

Saturday is National Cheesecake Day! Many of you know that my first book in 2001 was “125 Best Cheesecake Recipes” then a few years later followed up “The Cheesecake Bible” Back when I was “pitching” the proposal around to publishers I felt that I would get a book deal fast (it took about a year) Why wouldn’t I? I had created the cheesecakes for the Golden Girls! (More on that later). When at Disney I would produce over 200 cheesecakes a day.. So I was perfect for the book!

Golden Girls. When asked in class people are very interested in the taping process.  The show was taped live on Friday Nights.. the first years it was done over at the Sunset-Gower stages then moved closer to Paramount at the Ren-Mar Stages. Friday was the night! The order would come into the Prop Dept for 7 cheesecakes delivered to the stage and placed into the working (only thing working on the set) refrigerator. If you recall the fridge door would open out so only the person opening it could see in. The fridge would have space for 7 cheesecakes all on the same identical platter. The veggie drawers were packed with Coke, Diet Coke and bottles of water. These drinks were used by the “warm up” guy as incentives for the studio while they were entertained while waiting for the show to be taped. I only saw the show taped twice. It was Friday and sometimes the taping could go late. Once on Monday after seeing the show I asked the prop manager why they needed 7 cheesecakes. They had only needed one and the take was perfect.. But why 7? He informed me that I am gone when the taping is happening and if something did go wrong they had 6 backups. Sounded perfect! But then he did let me know that in honestly they probably could to it with 3-4.. But 7 could feed the entire cast and crew for a job well down.

Here is a clip from one of the shows.


Never Before and Never in Print.. My Recipe..

Golden Girls Cheesecake..


Thank you for being a friend!

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Cheesecake Books