An Honor for Julia. / by George Geary

This past September what would have been Julia Child's Birthday. So many have written, talked and blogged about her. They even made a movie about one blogger.

I was so lucky to have worked a number of times with her at events from Teaching underprevliged kids how to make pies to opening new cooking schools as the ribbon cutters. We traveled from Texas to San Francisco together..

Many of you know I conduct Culinary tours of her former home in the South of France. Well this picture is her childhood home in the Suburb of Los Angeles in Pasadena.

I will be the guest speaker this upcoming Saturday for the Pasadena Hertitage Group. I will be talking about the many times Julia and I worked together (funny never in the kitchen). Also a display of some of the tools I was given and my collection of autogaphed cookbooks and covers of magazines. We will also be serving appitzers fitting as to what Julai would have served. Simple yet elegant. This is a closed event for the Hertitage Associates. But if you would like to join them the website is: .

If you cant join us, here are a few recipes for Saturday:

Pissaladiere de Nice