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Deviled! Eggs.. 

Oh the taste of a good deviled egg. A month back I was at La Grande Cafe in Pasadena that claims they have the best-deviled eggs. They are great! But sometimes you want to make your own. While trying to create a chunky texture for the filling I decided to jump on the Sriracha sauce bandwagon while I was at it.. Last week while I was in Chicago at Spritzburger (Gale Gand and the Hearty Boys place). Gale and I were talking about deviled eggs. She said.. You have to try mine. She said.. I put Sriracha in them! Funny I just created a recipe too using that thick red sauce! Hers’ are creamy and piped out of a pastry bag while mine is chunky and needed to be spooned into the cavities. Both were great.. 

Here is my Recipe: Chunky Deviled Eggs


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