SDLivig on Wednesday! Pumpkins! / by George Geary

Made in America

I have been an advocate in purchasing goods in the country I am in. When I travel I want items from the locals just as I do when I am home. For years I have been using American Made Cake Plates that I purchased in a small shop on Abbot Kenney in Venice. Here is a picture of the shop Bountiful stacked up to the ceiling with the large cake plates. I am sad to say that the store has closed, but the American Cake Plates and other items are being manufactured in Cambridge Ohio. All by hand. I recently toured the factory and heard about the family company by the granddaughter of the original owner. If you get to the east part of Ohio, stop in and take a look. They do sell retail and wholesale.

Mosser Glass

9279 Cadiz Road

Cambridge, OH



My favorite items are the heavy cake plates, made in 4 sizes.

Tours are daily with lunch break at 10:00am