France 2016 Here we Come! / by George Geary

I just finished packing for a 3 week tour of Europe. 

On Sunday I will be joining my 20th Season of "Foodies" in the South of France. I will be posting pictures and notes via Facebook and Twitter for you to feel like you are with us.. The following week I will have another group..

I always say that after 20 seasons of bringing people from around the world to "Julia's" neighborhood and markets , it feels like the first time. Here are some of the highlights of the tour:

All Ground Transportation is included
Living in a 18th Century Villa in the most charming village close to Grasse.
Three Hands-On Cooking Classes
Fresh Aroma of Croissants and Pastry every morning
Rose Garden Class on Aromas
Aroma Scents Instruction
Perfumery Tour
Cheese Class
Tours of Cannes Markets (Produce, Textiles, Fish, Candies and Cheeses)
Village Tours of (Grasse, Vallbonne, Antebes, Cannes and More)
Wine Socials in the Evenings 
                  And so much more!

We only have room for 4 couples (8 people) so if you are thinking about it, check it out! Our prices have stayed the same since 2009, and we have added a day and transportation!
2016 Dates are: April 24-30th

A week in the countryside of France will change your life!

If you are interested in a brochure, email me at or upload one here.. Brochure


George Geary CCP
Culinary Media