Lemon Sand Dollar Cookies by George Geary

Amazing Light Lemon Cookies! 

Lemon Sand Dollar Cookies

Summer is time for a light cookie. I like to make a double batch (if you have a 5qt mixer it will fit fine) and bake half now and the rest when you need some fresh cookies. Make sure your freezer does not have fish frozen as these cookies will absorb the favors. Lemon Fish Cookies are not that great. 

Recipe: Lemon Sand Dollar Cookies

A Party Recap! by George Geary

This past May (Like the last 25+) I conducted my South of France Tour; Walking in Julia's Steps. I have had many repeats and many that have never even toured Europe. One year, all of the people on the tour made life-changing decisions in their lives after. (New Careers, Moved to new cities, booked more European travel etc.). I had a remarkable quad of ladies that have been friends for years. After they returned from a week of food, fun and touring they decided to make one of the menus. I just was sent the pictures and I thought it would be a nice blog.   


I have someone in 2019 that has been 3 times and one that will have been twice. We have room for you to come for your first time! If you are interested, Here are the links. Let me know if you have any questions at ggeary@aol.com 


Signup Sheet

See you soon! 


It's FairTime on CBS8 San Diego! Monday 6/18 by George Geary

It is fair season! Watch Monday 8am. San Diego CBS8! 

George Geary and Heather on CBS8! Live at 8am. 

George Geary and Heather on CBS8! Live at 8am. 

We have an array of recipes from Fair Foods Cookbook! They these out and enjoy! Watch live to see George make all of these great iconic fair foods! Here are the recipes for you to try at home. 

Summertime Adult Lemonade

Deep Fried Oreos

Deep Fried Strawberries

Pickle Dogs

We also have a few France 2019 spots open. email me at ggeary@aol.com for information 

Hungarian Fruit Filled Cream Cookies by George Geary

European cookies to enjoy! 

It has been a few months of packed work and travel. I post on the Facebook Page and neglect here it seems. Since last post we finished two remarkable weeks in the South of France and we are almost sold out for 2019! Email me at ggeary@aol.com for information if you are interested. I was then off to Chicago to volunteer for the annual Wright Walk in Oak Park, IL. I work at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio that weekend for their annual home tour. Hundreds come into the area from around the globe. Lastly,  I just returned from the BEA (BookExpo America) in Manhattan. Met with so many publishers and editors and also the houses I am published with. Thousands upon thousands of people. A sight! Enjoy these cookies, they turn out beautiful! 

Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Filling


Filled and ready to be baked.


Ready for a strong espresso! 

I hope you enjoy. If you do not receive my newsletter you will want to get it next week. All about picnics and 4th of July recipes. If you are interested in France email me! 

Fresh Corn Timbales and Lemon Creme with Fresh Berries by George Geary

South of France

Timbale de Maïs frais avec sauce tomatoe Provençle  (Fresh Corn Timbale with Provencal Tomato Sauce)

Timbale de Maïs frais avec sauce tomatoe Provençle

(Fresh Corn Timbale with Provencal Tomato Sauce)

In less then 2 weeks I will be joining my team and also the first week of students in the South of France. It is my 30th Season! I was trying to see how many of these corn Timbales would make with my new ramekins that I just got. This year we have two weeks of exciting tours. 

Créme de citron avec des baies

Créme de citron avec des baies

These are little lemon crême desserts for one of the classes. I will probably use local little fraise's (berries) that are so sweet we will not need any sugar.

We also go to a cooking school in the fishing village of Antibes and learn about using local flowers in cooking.

If you are interested in 2019 here are the links for the tour. We are half sold out as of tonight..

Brochure for 2019

Order Form for 2019 

if you have any questions email me at ggeary@aol.com. Oh and do you want the recipes for the above dishes? You will have to come on the tour! 

I will be sending pictures and notes out from our villa for you all to feel you are on tour with us.


25th Season Class

25th Season Class

WTF Day. (What The Food Day) National Peanut Day! March 15th by George Geary

It's National Peanut Day! On the morning show I love doing WTF Day.. (What The Food Day). Everyday is a day of some kind of food. Here are my favorite peanut butter cookies. I love to dip them in Belgium Chocolate and some sprinkling of roasted peanuts too.


I grew up in Torrance, CA.  For years we were home to the world's largest mall. Del Amo Fashion Square. Then a mall in Canada and the Mall of America in Minnesota beat us out. Well, I loved this stand called Bob's Ice Cream Bars. The sales ladies wore old time dresses with aprons and funny hats. You could get an ice cream bar that was chocolate or vanilla and they would dip it in a chocolate coating, then you could choose the nuts or jimmies. I always took the roasted peanuts. While I was dipping my cookies, I thought of Bob's Ice Cream Bars. 

Here is the recipe: Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

Enjoy! And make sure you are getting my newsletter at www.georgegeary.com 

Lavender Stamped Butter Cookies by George Geary

I wanted you to learn about two things with my recipe this week. The use of Lavender and rolling pins from Turkey. This past weekend I was invited to a TV viewing party in West Hollywood. I could not go empty handed, I took a box of homemade cookies. When you never know what to take try something small and cute.. A box of cookies. 



Here is the recipe for the Shortbreads.

Lavender Sugar: I make my own really. But in Southern California we have Keys Creek Lavender Farm. They sell at some of the farmers markets around San Diego and Temecula. Plus online. Here is their Website: Keys Creek Lavender  

Rolling Pins: You all MUST take a look at these phenomenal. Do not let the shipping from Turkey worry you. I purchase many and they get here ok. And you use your PayPal account. They will make your cookies a work of art! Rolling Woods 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodles, Lav Butter and Peanut Butter Dipped in Belgium Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts 

The World's Best Rich Fudge Brownies! by George Geary

The past few years I have been getting together with a group of Vintage Hollywood lovers. This is a group of people that are in the industry and love old Hollywood. From films, clothing, preservation etc. I have brought the Golden Girls Cheesecakes many times when we have gotten together at the former home of Icon Mae West. But today was a trip out to where I worked. The Walt Disney Company. A tour of the old part of the studio, lunch and then a trip back in time to Walt's two offices, one formal and one working office. I had to take something, so it was Brownies. Here is the recipe. And no it was not the recipe that I created for the Blue Ribbon Bakery from Main Street in 1991. This the worlds best!  

The World's Best Rich Fudge Brownie Recipe

The World's Best Rich Fudge Brownie Recipe

Micky Ave and Dopey Drive. Walt Disney Studios Burbank CA

Micky Ave and Dopey Drive. Walt Disney Studios Burbank CA

IMG_2154 2.jpg

Walt Disney's


The Brownies! 

The Brownies! 

France 2019.. A Trip of a Lifetime: Brochure  

La Cuisine Des Fleurs in Antibe, France by George Geary

Chef Yves welcoming our France Tour to his school

Chef Yves welcoming our France Tour to his school

I thought you would like to take a look inside part of one of our days on my South of France "Walking in Julia's Steps" Tour. We just had two openings come up for this upcoming spring. email ggeary@aol.com for information.

Cooking you need to use all of your senses. One of our days out in the countryside we use aromas to tantalize or noses. We start the day with an award winning chef who uses flowers in cooking.


We us the most fragrant rose in the world! From Grasse, France... The Victoria Frolova.. It only blooms from May 1st till the last day of the month.. The roses create Chanel, Hermes and Dior perfumes. The roses are collected from 7am to 10am each morning...


Chef Yves and I have worked together for a number of years. He takes pride in his teaching and food. It is remarkable as to the flavors and textures that you learn about.

Last year Chef Yves was awarded that taking one of his classes was one of the top ten things to do in all of Europe. If you would love to learn.. Come travel with us for our week in France.


Labor-Less Labor Day ~ News 8 Morning Extra San Diego by George Geary

I am back on Morning TV in San Diego! Two weeks ago I showed my FairFoods Book on Hallmark's National Home and Family Show. Yesterday I was on News 8 (CBS/CW) Morning Extra Show. I was with one of my favorite anchors from SDLiving Heather Meyers.. We did Labor-Less Labor Day Foods.. Here is the link for the recipes: Recipes.

Here is the show you can watch anywhere: Show from August 30th, 2017

Menu: Herb Salmon Packets, Curry Cole Slaw, End of Summer Veggies and Brownies.

News 8 San Diego .. Morning Extra Show..

News 8 San Diego .. Morning Extra Show..

Foil Cooked Salmon and Herbs, Summer Veggies, Curry Cole Slaw and Brownies

Foil Cooked Salmon and Herbs, Summer Veggies, Curry Cole Slaw and Brownies



The "Corn" of It All... by George Geary

It's is all about the DOG! 

My Original Disney Formula's of Big Thunder Ranch Cornbread, Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs and my Newest Cookbook :  Fair Foods

My Original Disney Formula's of Big Thunder Ranch Cornbread, Little Red Wagon Corn Dogs and my Newest CookbookFair Foods

Until last month. I did not realize how I created another food for history.  Most of you know I created the cheesecakes for the multi-Emmy award winning show The Golden Girls. I thought that was my claim to fame... No... The Little Red Wagon Corndog from "The Hub" at Disneyland. In 1988, Disney attendance was down (Shocking I know). State Fair was introduced. Parades, midways and such to highlight a State Fair. Mickey and Minnie were outfitted with farming outfits, A new area Big Thunder Ranch had opened a few years prior. At the time it was the best meal a for your buck.. Mesquite barbecue ribs/chicken, baked beans, corn on the cob, berry pie and a square of sweet cornbread. A fresh fruit stand with seedless watermelon slices (the first day the melons were seeded and guests were spitting the seeds from the Skyway ride) and apples from Michael Eisner's Family orchard in Vermont. The Little Red Wagon was another project that year. We thought it would be temporary. It was parked between the Plaza Inn Restaurant (The Original Red Wagon Inn) and Carefree Corner. We had a meeting as to what to serve in such a very tiny space that was smaller then the current day Food Truck. Corn Dogs came up.. I got busy working on testing a recipe for the dipped dogs. I took the recipe of the Big Thunder Ranch cornbread and started working on a batter that dogs could be dipped into.  Today... You can enjoy a corndog on Main Street or create the recipe at home. 

Disneyland's Corn Dog Recipe

You can purchase on Amazon here:  Fair Foods

You can purchase on Amazon here: Fair Foods

California "Firsts" ... Der Wienerschnitzel by George Geary

Der Wienerschnitzel

Opening Date: July 3rd, 1961

Location of first:

900 W. Pacific Coast Highway (at Gulf Avenue)

Wilmington, CA 90744

Currently: Still the first location

How many locations: Over 350 in 10 states and Guam

John Galardi founded the first location:

Current Owner/Parent Company: The Galardi Group Inc.

First location in Wilmington, CA Opened 1961

First location in Wilmington, CA Opened 1961

You could say that food and entrepreneurship started at a young age for John Galardi. In 1961, John started out working for Taco Bell’s (see page 00) founder Glen Bell at his Taco Tia Restaurant in Pasadena. Within a year, John purchased a small plot of land in the industrial port area of Wilmington in Los Angeles county. That was next store to one of Glen’s Taco Bell locations. He knew he had to sell something different, he saw an on slot of hamburger and shake stands, so I thought of the next best American food. Hot Dogs. 


Shortly after opening, the car clubs of the area started using the hot dog stand as their meeting spot for their weekend get together. John realized was tired of the young group in upwards of 100 kids drinking in his parking lot only accounted for about 5% of his business and who knows how many people didn’t come because of the heavy crowds. He rethought his building design and then remodeled it with a drive through where your car drove directly through the building thus the kids didn’t get out of their cars and left with their hot Dogs. The driver’s side of the building housing the kitchen and production areas and the passenger’s side, the storage of raw products and paper products.


The menu was simple. Hot dogs, fries and drinks. Hot dogs were dressed with Galardi’s homemade smooth chili. Orders were taking through a two-way intercom similar to In ‘N Out Hamburger (see page 00) so that the kitchen could start the order before the car arrived to pay. John was environmentally conscientious before his time. Orders were written on the back of the bags that eventually the hot dogs and fries would be placed into. Unlike the McDonalds brothers over in San Bernardino, where they had pre-prepared wrapped food, Galardi felt that it did not take too much time to place the cooked dog into the pre-warmed bun and dressed in sauerkraut, chili, or other condiments. A few “special” dogs made the menu in the early days such as the Super Dog, and Polish Sandwich (Dog) which consisted of a polish sausage split lengthwise and grilled with a pickle wedge between the two halves, placed on a piece of rye bread that has been dressed in spicy mustard and a slice of Swiss cheese, topped with another piece of rye bread. 

Construction on the iconic buildings.. 

Construction on the iconic buildings.. 

Within three years, Der Wienerschnitzel opened 3 locations. John felt that more locations the less the raw goods would cost as he could buy in bulk. His buildings took on an iconic “A” frame look, that of a mountain chalet. The roof, painted “Catsup Red”. Some with a few outdoor seats, and the drive through the building feature. He also added a walk up window. You could see the building before you passed it on the road. In 1965, only 4 years after opening the first Wilmington location, John had 20 locations and had started franchising his concept. Hot dogs with a condiment was only 18 cents. With chili 22 cents. He also rolled out his first motto: “Hamburger lovers are going to the dogs”. It reminds me of the current campaign with a southern chicken company using cows on their billboards “Eat more Chicken”. 1973 brought the end to the “A” frame locations thus creating a dining room and outdoor area with a drive around the entire building. The former drive through did create problems for employees needed stock for the kitchen, having to wait until a car was out of the drive through to get to the other side of the building.

A big change for the company happened in 1975 when hamburgers were added to the menus. Hot dogs are still the main menu item today thou. Der Wiener Dog, a caped masked mascot was introduced in print ads and commercials. Give-a-ways were little plastic dogs and some smaller items.

1977, brought on another change. Dropping “Der” in the company name and shortening the logo. Bringing a change with a big yellow “W” and the name Wienerschnitzel in red below. (Catsup and Mustard colors). TDO (The Delicious One) another mascot was introduced to replace Der Wiener Dog in 1998. This was an upright hot dog with legs, arms and his clothing was the bun. 

You cannot go to a baseball game without eating the Americans pastime, the hot dog. In 1999, Wienerschnitzel became the official dog of Anaheim Stadium home of the Angels baseball team. Dodger Stadium, five years later a deal was struck to be the official hot dog of Petco Park home of the San Diego Padres in their new stadium in downtown San Diego. John Galardi now supplied the hot dogs for the two closest baseball stadiums to his corporate offices. 

To be relevant in the new motor mobile food trucks, in 2001, Weinerschnitzel outfitted a new 40-foot catering wagon that could roll up to any park, party or event at a moment’s notice. They named it “The Wiener Wagon”, it still rolls out around the Los Angeles area today.

In 2003, The Galardi Group acquired the Tastee-Free brand. A soft serve ice cream and shake company. With just a little space and minimal costs, Franchisers started outfitting their locations with the dessert treats. Both brands became an instant success together, since Weinerschnitzel didn’t have milkshakes or desserts prior. 2004, marketing started revving up with localized city dogs such as the New York, The Chicago, the Midwestern and others.   

April 14th, 2013 was a sad day for the company. Their founder John Galardi passed away. He survived by his second wife and four grown children that all work in the company business to this day. They oversee over 350 locations (Corporate and Franchised) in 10 states and Guam with sales of over 120 million hot dogs annually.

September of 2014, The Original Wilmington location was awarded the 1046th Los Angeles Historical Landmark. His entire family was on hand to accept the bronze plaque from the city. During the event, his children stated that the company has just begun and will be massively expanding eastward.

Galardi Group Inc.

7700 Irvine Center Drive #550

Irvine, CA 92618



Currently the First Location

Currently the First Location

Check out the new site! Win my new book! by George Geary

I just put together a new site.. it is the same URL www.georgegeary.com.. 


The site is all up and running.. But like all of this new stuff we may have some clicks that are not working.. I have the complete store online with all 11 of my books and a few copies of the Cheesecake Bible in Italian! 

The Cheesecake Bible in Italian! 

The Cheesecake Bible in Italian! 

I am heading to Atlanta for AmericanMart Gift show and also classes at The Cooks Warehouse.. Email me if you would like more information on my classes in Atlanta.. ggeary@aol.com.

Contest: What did I make on morning shows more the 24 times. You must be specific.. First person will get the new FairFoods Book.. Not out until next week!  


Tart Lemon Tarts by George Geary

Summer is time for Lemon Tarts!

Try these refreshing tarts for a picnic or just because. You can make the shells up to 3 days before and also the curd.. 

Also,  My Fair Foods book is out in a few weeks.. Have a great 4th of July!

Tart Shells

Lemon Curd

 I am in the process of re-doing my website with more recipes and fun! Have a great 4th of July!

Mike and Maty Show 1995.. 4th of July On Location on Santa Monica Pier!

SnickerDoodles...🍪 by George Geary

Tomorrow I am heading to Chicago to help with a fundrasier for the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. I will be working with Chef Gale Gand in one of the FLW homes. It is a private dinner for 12 people. I also am going to be a docent for two of the homes for the Wright Walk in celebration of his 150th birthday

I just pulled out of the oven some old fashion Americana Cookies.. Snickerdoodles.

Here is the recipe. Enjoy!


I have a few spots for France 2018B. My added week. Here is the brochure:

France 2018B Brochure

France 2018B Orderform