Hungarian Fruit Filled Cream Cookies / by George Geary

European cookies to enjoy! 

It has been a few months of packed work and travel. I post on the Facebook Page and neglect here it seems. Since last post we finished two remarkable weeks in the South of France and we are almost sold out for 2019! Email me at for information if you are interested. I was then off to Chicago to volunteer for the annual Wright Walk in Oak Park, IL. I work at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio that weekend for their annual home tour. Hundreds come into the area from around the globe. Lastly,  I just returned from the BEA (BookExpo America) in Manhattan. Met with so many publishers and editors and also the houses I am published with. Thousands upon thousands of people. A sight! Enjoy these cookies, they turn out beautiful! 

Raspberry Filling

Raspberry Filling


Filled and ready to be baked.


Ready for a strong espresso! 

I hope you enjoy. If you do not receive my newsletter you will want to get it next week. All about picnics and 4th of July recipes. If you are interested in France email me!