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Reflection Day and SD Living Tomorrow by George Geary

How many times today did you look at your phone and see those numbers? Sept, 11. It gives you chills even 12 years later. I don't care where you were you were effected. Just a note to bless all that were impacted.

Thursday September 12th is National Chocolate Shake Day! I will doing my segment on San Diego CW6 on the SD Living Show.. Here is a sneak peek at the recipes. I decided to do the Chocolate Butter Cookie to go with it.



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It's All In The Mint and Giving Back. by George Geary

I have always volunteered. I love the feeling that it gives me.. Giving back. I don't do it for people to say.. WOW.. George did this or that.. I do it for me to say WOW.. I changed someone's life. I enjoyed it and I got so much out of it. I am telling you this to get you to give back! When I wanted to go to Culinary School (It was out of my district and mine would not give me the papers to leave my area) I decided to go to the Latch Key Program at the YWCA in Torrance and teach the kids cooking. It was a ball! I am sure a few are now chefs! While at Disney I was part of the Disney Vount"ears"... I still think of a little guy named Chris that I took to the Circus.

I really enjoy going into elementary and middle schools to talk about my food experiences and career. It is so much more then being a Chef! Today I still get to schools and have a number of ones booked for this year. If your school is interested let me know at I want to continue to change lives! 

Last year at the Alexandria House in Downtown Los Angeles (a home for abused women and children) I taught a hand churned Ice Cream Making Class to the teens. Last night I got out the old ice cream crank and made more... Here is a little one learning how salt melts the ice.. (That's before he put some down my back!).

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream was on the menu.. Here is the recipe. If you don't have fresh mint.. Use 1/4 teaspoon of mint extract.