Cinnamon Rolls.. Yea! / by George Geary

Cinnamon Rolls. 

Hot and fresh.. when you hear those two words you think of cinnamon and warmth from a kitchen. Years ago I created a Cinnamon Roll that I taught on the pilot of The Mike and Maty Show.. feeding the entire 250 people in the audience hot cinnamon roll lead to being on the show as a regular. 

This week LA Weekly had an article on the top 10 cinnamon rolls of Los Angeles. I have eaten in a few and really.. Nothing special. Here is the link:

LA Weekly

Now I am a little biased.. YOu choose for yourself.. Here is alink to mine.. And look at the picture.. You get plenty of icing! Lots of it! Plus in 1995 I won the Best Cinnamon Roll Recipe from OC Register.. I think I woudl win today too. 

George's Cinnamon Rolls