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Day 2: The Flavors of Christmas… Cinnamon by George Geary


Just the word makes you think... Christmas! It does me! Here you will find two recipes for cinnamon. Hard Candies that are simple to make.. Also, a drink I featured on SD Living a few weeks ago.. 

Cinnamon? What's the difference? Make sure you download the cinnamon information! 

Here are the recipes.

Apple Cinnamon Rum Punch

Old Fashion Holiday Christmas Candy

I messed up the chocolate cookie recipe yesterday.. Here is the revised version.. I forgot the 2 cups of granulated sugar. Chocolate Cookie Recipe Revised

Two Products today.. LorAnn Cinnamon Oil. You need to always use oil in candy making.. It does not disipate and with a few drops you get a rich flavor. LorAnn products are known for quality and the best for candy making!

Second Product is very important. a thermometer.. Those candy ones from Taylor were good for the time.. Now I suggest an instead read meat thermometer. It has two uses. One for meat where you place the probe into the meat and program the alarm with the exact temperature. Then the alarm goes off when it hits.. same as the boiling candy syrup.. no guessing as to what the degrees are like the old fashion kind. 


Is English Toffee English? by George Geary

A question I have pondered.. Just like is French Toast French? German Chocolate Cake German? 

All kidding aside.. Last night was a wonderful Truffle and Confection Class. I posted a few "Live" pictures from the scene in San Diego and texts, tweets and emails came in for the recipe for the English Toffee.

Here is the recipe.. and if you love it.. pre-post!  RECIPE

Next week... Daily Holiday Recipes! 


Sea Foam Candy.. Beware the Corn Syrup! by George Geary

Sea Form, Angel or what ever you call it Candy....

I just finished making the recipe for tonight to ship out to all of you on my blog and newsletter. 

Lets talk corn syrup.. There is a new bad lighter version in the house.. DO NOT.. I say and the label says also.. DO NOT USE FOR CANDY MAKING.. Oh what does one do with corn syrup? brush on toast? 

Here is the recipe. Do not double and make sure you have a digital thermometer. (The one with the probe into your roast works well).

Angel Candy