1960's Eggnog Recipe by George Geary

This morning I received an instant message from my good friend Mary…

“I love all of the recipes.. Do you have an eggnog recipe with the raw eggs to where it has so much brandy that the salmonella is all killed?”


OK first of all.. YES. From my old recipe collection. These recipes are in a file with the real Cesar dressing, Pasta Carbanara and Hollandaise sauce that I don’t use in recipes in class because of the raw scare.  But here is a recipe as it was intended to be made. 

1960's Eggnog Recipe

Now if you dont want to make your own.. And you live in the greater Los Angeles area try Broguieres Dairy. You can find it at the dairy in Montebello and some selected stores. When I host my holiday food tours we always have the eggnog.. 

Briguieres Dairy