The South / by George Geary

Food wise I think of pecans, peaches and peanuts. The three “P’s”.  This past week while teaching in Birmingham Alabama I came across a historic peanut roasting plant. I enjoy history, food history and plant tours! (I also snuck in a tour of The Golden Flake snack factory before my flight home).


Along the brick lined Morris Street and red brick buildings that dated into the late 1880s and early 1900s I came across the Peanut Depot, which began, roasting these legumes in 1907. Prior to that the building was a printing facility. They have 3 large roasters that can hold 100 pounds each, and these are made of cast iron with a manufacturing date of 1900 made in Peoria, IL by the Bartholomew Company.  100 year old roastersThey also have a newer (75 year old) smaller roaster that looks more like something you would use for coffee beans for when they only need a small batch.


Peanuts come in Salted, Raw and Cajun styles. You can also enjoy a southern treat of boiled peanuts. Bags come in a variety of sizes and the burlap gift bags are the best! 


Peanut Depot

Since 1907

Lex Legate ~ Owner

2016 Morris Avenue

Birmingham, LA 35203



If you want to see the roasters in full force, I suggest that you arrive before 9am early in the week. 


Recipe: Here is my Old Fashion Peanut Brittle