My 11th Book Out Now!

My 11th Book Out Now!

Fair Foods: The Most Popular and Offbeat Recipes from America's State and County Fairs

By: George Geary

My latest book.. You can order it here from this site to have it personalized! Check out my other books I have in the store.  

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Here is a recipe for Pulled Pork Sliders: Recipe

George Geary Award Winning Culinary Tours: 

France 2018: We added a second week! (Sold Out... Both weeks!)

Here are the brochures.. If you are interested, please email me asap. 



Check Out a few recipes from the tour. Recipes


I spent a week in Denver and had a great time. For those of you that cannot get into my classes or I am not in your area you can sign up! If you have not heard of Craftsy you are missing out. It is a classroom platform on the Internet. Classes are about 2 hours long and in sessions. You can learn at your own pace. You also get recipes, techniques and “hand holding”! The instructors are accessible though email. My class is all about your Food Processor. So many of you have one and don’t use them. I designed the class for you to pull out the processor and use it! Lots of techniques and recipes.. From Soups, appetizers, pizzas to the best Carrot Cake Ever!

Here is the link to the class. Join me! LINK


All good things must come to an end.. the CW6 and San Diego Living stopped broadcasting the last day of March. The CW is now on another station with a new show.. I maybe on soon.. WIll let you know.

I was the featured chef on the morning "Lifestyles" Show on the CW6 in San Diego market for over 7 years. I did many fun segments even created a “WTF” day.. WTF is "What The Food" Day.. Everyday is a National Food Day of sorts. I have created recipes for National Chocolate Pudding Day, National Chocolate Milk Shake Day, National Cheesecake Day and so on.. We started the show with an adult beverage.. Check out my latest recipes and shows on my BLOG page.  

Check out the BLOG for the recipes.. 

My Current Books:

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I have very limited supply of my other 10 cookbooks that are in print but sometimes difficult to find. You can purchase them in my store. I personalize each and everyone! Also, in my store you will find the best baking pans made in the USA! Check those out too. They also are difficult to find in stores.. My STORE

See you all soon!